“I Need A Cigarette” – Love Story Hits Countdown: #1

While Zidane and Dagger perhaps give us the best love story ever told in a video game, our worthy number one couple is the best love story ever experienced since every action taken in the game is rooted in love. Simply put, love is the entire reason for this game’s existence.

Mono_and_Wander#1 Best Video Game Romance: Wander and Mono
While I perpetually praise this game’s mood above all else – as Riddles touched on himself during Team ICO Week – I have to say that one of the first things that hooked me was the premise. Not just the fact that there were only 16 enemies in the entire game, but that the whole reason the hero was crazy enough to go up against them was that he wanted a shot at bringing her back to life. Yes, just a shot. Not even a guarantee. And while we tragically never see these two share a moment, there are a few important factors that give us back story so that we can emotionally connect to the story properly. It all stems from Wander’s proclamation that Mono had a cursed fate so she was sacrificed. In that simple sentence we learn that despite his culturally instilled belief that she was cursed (he says she “has” a cursed fate, not “she is believed to be cursed” or anything like that), he still stole a sword and made a long journey to an explicitly forbidden land. The weight of those decisions before any gameplay even takes place is very evident and carries throughout the entire game.

Bio-pics-0011-150x150To say the least, Wander’s willingness to battle 16 colossi for the mere chance of reviving Mono shows the intense devotion, and love, that he has for her. The player finds himself wondering what manner of relationship they had in the past – and why it is that Wander is so devoted to reviving her. The strange visions that Wander experiences throughout the game, in which Mono returns to life, only add to the mystery surrounding the two of them. The game is certainly not heavy on storyline, but the player will find themselves intrigued nonetheless.

sotc2Everything Wander goes through during the course of the game is done out of love. Every mile he rides, every monument he scales, every Colossi he slays, is done for love. I know that sounds horribly sappy, especially coming from me. But honestly, it’s true There’s no “love story” to be seen in Shadow of the Colossus, but it’s emphatically implied.

The ending is among the most heartbreaking ever seen. It’s an ending that has to be seen (and played) in order to appreciate; I won’t attempt to describe it here. But suffice to say, Wander’s hopes and dreams are far from granted. As the player, you’ll likely be somewhat disturbed when the true atrocity of Wander’s actions are revealed. And yet, at the same time, you’ll find it difficult to fault him. It was all done for the sake of love.

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7 Responses to ““I Need A Cigarette” – Love Story Hits Countdown: #1”

  1. Andogo says:

    I was totally wrong. WTF? THE HORSE.


  2. Ethos says:

    …what are you TALKING about, Andogo?
    I’m wacky, but I’m not into bestiality!

  3. Ethos says:

    Also, who DID you think it was?

  4. Andogo says:

    Wander and Agro, obvi. Either that or Drake/Elena, but I figure there’ll be more of that in Uncharted 2. Or possibly Infamous dude and Crazy Sewer Woman.

  5. DarthGibblet says:

    I think Infamous/Sewer Woman had a better relationship than he did with the main girl (Trish?). Seemed like she spent most of the game yelling at him for something that really wasn’t his fault. I mean being angry that your sister died and lashing out and anybody around you is a little expected, but she seemed to cross over into the “needs anger management” side of things.

    I am sad that Drake and Elena didn’t make the list, but I’m not entirely shocked (they’re good, but definitely not #1 material). I’m very curious to see where they’re going w/ Uncharted 2, although I think I saw somewhere they’re adding another girl into the mix for some sort of love triangle thing? Not sure how that’ll work out, but still egerly anticipating the game (I should go finish up my replay of the first one sometime).

  6. Ethos says:

    Andogo, you’re fucked up. Drake/Elena isn’t such a bad match, actually. They just didn’t really cross my mind. And I was keeping in Kingdom Hearts at all costs.
    And yes, I agree with you and Darth that Crazy Sewer Woman is a better match for Cole.

    But back to Uncharted, yes, that other girl makes me uneasy…

  7. SiliconNooB says:

    Seriously what was up with Cole’s woman? He mustn’t have slapped her enough …

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