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Another Tuesday, another edition of Hey! Look! Listen! for your reading pleasure. I’m your host Oliver Motok, and… you knew that already.

I started Ultimate Alliance 2 last night. I wasn’t blown away, but then, I only played the first hour or so. I’ve yet to even reach the start of the “Civil War” storyline, which is the main thing about the game that interests me. (Any other Marvel Comics nerds in the crowd who know what I’m talking about?) Of course, any game hot on the heels of Arkham Asylum is going to suffer for it.

Anyway. Let’s move on to the NEWS.



Hey, Yakuza 3 is Being Localized After All
I’ve never played Yakuza so I really don’t give a crap, but I imagine there’s plenty of people out there who do. So, to all the fans of Sega’s mafia-glorifying beat-em-up, REJOICE. According to 1UP, a “source close to the project” has informed them that the game is, in fact, being localized for North America. While this should still be taken with a grain of salt, it’s believable for two reasons: first, Sega hasn’t come forward to speak against the rumor, which only adds credibility. Second, it’s not completely out of left field – just last week, Sega of America assistant community manager Aaron Webber said that a North American release was not out of the question, as had been previously rumored.

“The original news story that went around about Yakuza 3 being declined for the US was false, and localizing the game still remains a big point of discussion for many people here at SEGA, and especially those of us on SEGA’s community team,” wrote Webber on the PlayStation Blog

I’m gonna go ahead and venture a guess that this is legit. Look for an official announcement at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show.

PlayStation 2, Dreamcast Titles May be Coming to PlayStation Network
Well, it was only a matter of time I suppose. Perhaps you recall a patent discover by Siliconera back in June, related to a technology that would allow the PlayStation 3 to emulate the Emotion Engine, and hence, play PS2 software. However, it’s been a number of months since we’ve heard any further developments

However, with a leaked document discovered by French site Objectif-Sega, the rumor mill is turning yet again. The document is apparently a list of notes from a meeting between Sega of America and Robert Dyer, senior vice president of publisher relations for Sony Computer Entertainment America. Among many other notes (take a look at the full article, it’s quite intriguing) is a brief mention of a PS2 emulator for the PS3 – which is listed as “confidential.” In addition to that is a note entitled “DC Digital Titles,” stating that Sony is interested in providing Dreamcast games for download.

MmmmHM. Interesting, very interesting. And it makes complete sense. Regardless of how trustworthy this particular “leak” may be, I have no doubt that PS2 games will be available on the PSN at some point in the future. There are, after all, over 1800 titles in the system’s library; offering them as digital downloads would only be another way for Sony to milk that cash cow. While it’s not quite as welcome as disc-based backwards compatibility would be, I’ll be happy to take what I can get at this point.



Valkyria Chronicles Trophies Still Possible
Again, this doesn’t really interest me, as much as I love Valkyria Chronicles. However, I’m happy to see that it’s (possibly) still receiving some support from both fans and its publisher. Also, I happen to know that dear Ethos would be a happy little Trophy whore if this were to come true.

Last Ranker May be Coming to North America
You familiar with Capcom’s upcoming RPG, Last Ranker? No? Me neither. In fact, I’d heard nothing about it until I learned that it had been trademarked in the US. And, while I still know nothing about it, I was intrigued by the names attached to the project – among them being Kazishige Nojima and Yoko Shimomura of Kingdom Hearts fame. Nojima was one of the chief writers of the Kingdom Hearts series, while Shimomura composed the music.

And that’s all I have. Other than a few bombshells, news has been relatively slow as of late. A calm before the storm of the Tokyo Game Show, methinks. ‘Till next time, dear readers.

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7 Responses to “Hey! Look! Listen!”

  1. Ethos says:

    *Trophy Tramp
    More response to come when I’m not about to start rehearsal at work.

  2. SiliconNooB says:

    -Macstorm is convinced that Ignition is localising Yakuza.

    -Nojima also wrote FFVIII, FFX, Crisis Core and co-wrote FFVII with Kitase.

  3. DarthGibblet says:

    I’m glad to see that Yakuza might be coming over here after all. I haven’t played the original 2 in the series, either, but of late that’s been mostly because I didn’t care to start a series I wouldn’t be able to finish. If Y3 is indeed headed this way, I may try to pick up the first 2 from Amazon or something. Even better, I could download them once Sony gets it’s act together on PS2 downloads (something everybody’s expected them to do for the last 4 years or so). It would be fantastic if I could download games onto my 60GB PS3 and play them using the hardware on there. This would be perfect for a few games I’ve missed out on from the PS2 era (god knows there’s enough of them), such as Yakuza or the elusive Xenosaga Episode 3.

  4. SiliconNooB says:

    I’d love to get Xenosaga 1 & 3.

  5. DarthGibblet says:

    Yeah, I think digital download is a much more realistic idea than getting the whole collection re-released on blu-ray.

  6. Ethos says:

    Argh…if they release SotC for PURCHASE on the PSN, I will grumble a LOT.
    …and then buy it…

  7. DarthGibblet says:

    Yeah, you and I are part of the problem :F. I think I’d mostly use the service to catch up on old games, but there would be a few I wouldn’t be able to resist keeping on my hard drive perpetually, especially for a low price point. I think as long as they don’t disable disc-based bc, though, there’s not really anything to complain about, it’s just more options in the system, which I’m all in favor of. I hope Sony can set it up so that the PS3 is smart enough to use the built-in hardware for those of us that have the 60GB models. It would kind of suck to not be stuck on software when the hardware’s in there anyway. On the other hand, if they could offer XMB access from PS2 games, that might be a worthwile tradeoff.

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