News Roundup #006 – September 20, 2009

In contrast to last week’s low-point in News Roundups, Riddles and Ethos blast through mostly ridiculous news stories until Ethos’ grammar implodes and Riddles backs away in fear.

But seriously, we don’t talk about anything that important, but at least we entertain in the process!

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Listen to the man...

Listen to the man...

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4 Responses to “News Roundup #006 – September 20, 2009”

  1. SiliconNooB says:

    Lol, I think it’s funny that LfD got banned partly because I don’t care about it, partly because they spell ‘four’ as ‘4′ (did Gabe Newell fucking text message the box art or something?), but mostly because I know someone who will be shattered about this! :D

  2. DarthGibblet says:

    - Yeah, sorry SN, but from everything I’ve heard, Australia’s crazy. Didn’t they ban Fallout 3 for drug use too or something?

    - As somebody who actually enjoys the Halo/Mass Effect novels, I’m 1/2 tempted to hold out hope that the FFXIII novel will be good. The other 1/2 of me knows better and laughs at the concept. I think the latter 1/2 is smarter.

    - I’m an equal opportunity fanboy. I like it when exclusives get stolen from either console. It makes me chuckle. I’m also all in favor of as many international versions coming out here as possible, so PS3 SO4 sounds good to me :F.

    - I’ve been down on so much this winter for some reason. The only things that remotely interest me are Uncharted 2, ODST, and maybe Dragon’s Age depending on reviews. Even Kingdom Hearts has me pretty “meh.” I think the last 2 holiday seasons were too good, now my brain’s used to that every winter. I’m a hype addict! I need help!

  3. SiliconNooB says:

    Lol yeah our ratings system is a pain in the arse, we did get Fallout 3 though.

  4. Ethos says:

    @SN – I WAS right about L4D. It DOES centre around 4 heroes! It’s not AS stupid as just that, although I agree that it’s still stupid.

    @Darth – I hope the novel is good too, but I’m entirely expecting that it won’t be. I’m willing to have my mind changed.

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