Winterscapes Countdown #1 – Frozen Zora’s Domain (Ocarina of Time)

And we’ve reached the end! How fitting that my number one Winterscape is from my number one game. That game, of course, being The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

If you think this one is a bit of an odd choice, you’re quite correct. It’s not even a “winterscape,” per se – regardless, it’s one of my favorite environments of all time, and it’s definitely cold enough.

After the unforgettable turning point at the Temple of Time, Link wakes up to a decidedly different Hyrule. His home in Kokiri Forest lies in the shadow of a evil spirit, the Gorons are being held captive in their own mountain, but the worst fate, it seems, was reserved for the water-dwelling Zoras.  As you draw closer and closer to their watery cave-home, it becomes fairly obvious that something’s wrong. Snow is falling, and Navi warns of a cold wind. Regardless, it does nothing to dampen the initial shock when you step through the waterfall and back into the Zora’s Domain, seven years after Link’s initial visit.

Just... imagine this, except frozen.

Just... imagine this, except frozen.

And of course, after serving my needs for the first four picks, Google Image fails at finding a proper image. This entire countdown is now ruined, and I hate my life.

Kidding, just kidding. To sum up, Link’s second visit to Zora’s Domain is one of the more memorable moments that Ocarina of Time creates. The ice is hauntingly beautiful in spite of its malicious nature, and in a strangely dark twist, it remains even after the evil spirit in the Water Temple is defeated. I recognize what an oddball this pick may be, but I stand by it.

That concludes my silly Winterscapes Countdown, gents and ladies. Let the comments fly below, and if you can find a decent image of the frozen Zora’s Domain, be a good chap and send it my way.

Or a good lass. We don’t discriminate.

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2 Responses to “Winterscapes Countdown #1 – Frozen Zora’s Domain (Ocarina of Time)”

  1. 7thcircle says:

    It’s lame. It’s not a winterscape. It’s wedging your favorite game into the top spot… IT’S PERFECT! This is what a list like this should be. The #1 should be awful. Ethan needs lessons in listmaking.

    If I made a list of favorite winterscapes, I’d put Odin Sphere at the top and FF6 at number 2, but I’d know in my frozen heart that FF6 should be number 1.

    Also, I moved last month and this is where I live now. I took this picture on Saturday.

  2. Ethos says:

    Whateva, Glenn! It’s frozen over, it’s a winterscape! Plus, my list is awesome, shut up. Star Fox is the shit.
    D’aw! Invite me to the new place!

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