Darksiders: Almost 20 Hours In.



Yup, while Riddles played relevant games to the theme week and will have his verdict probably late (that asshole), I played a lot of Darksiders this weekend. I’m fairly certain I’m in the “final stretch”, but in these sorts of games, that could be another 5 hours of gameplay, so I’m not banking on beating it tonight.

However, my feelings on it are largely the same since my initial impressions. I’m starting to see some of the complaints that I didn’t before, however. With more enemies and now riding the back of a literally blazing fast horse, the framerate has more moments when it starts to hiccough. Also, while I think the puzzles are better than most describe, it is becoming noticeable that there’s barely a difficulty curve with them. In fact, the puzzles in the dungeon I’m currently in are only difficult because the most obvious route is correct, and my Zelda mindset is always trying to think outside the box. Again, that’s not to say they’re all bad, but this latest dungeon is an example of the worst.

One complaint I do not understand, however, is one about the bosses. So far, I think they’ve been fun, epic, frantic, and very enjoyable. I suppose they’re largely easy, but I definitely wouldn’t call them pushovers, and they are all absolutely exciting.

I’m on the fence about backtracking for optional additional items and collectables. No, the locales aren’t quite as packed with mood and personality compared to Zelda, but they are impressively varied, and fun to explore. Also, War – the hero – isn’t as boring as I expected. He’s determined and noble, but not a goody two-shoes, and no matter what huge baddie is after his head, they all address him with a pinch of respect. It’s a cool atmosphere that way. Anyway, I plan to review it if I can finish it next week while a review would still be relevant, so I’ll wrap up these impressions here. For now, get excited for JRPG ridiculous next week and probably a late verdict from everybody’s favourite Riddles!

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  1. DarthGibblet says:

    Sounds like this game has surpassed a lot of people’s expectations. I’ve added it to my list of games to get to eventually. I just with there was more time between now and when Mass Effect 2 came out :D.

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