Scatter Storming. Issue #015 “Ryan’s Apocalypse”

ss015No, my name’s not Ryan nor am I trying to change my name yet again. Ryan’s Apocalypse is a short story I wrote 3 or 4 years ago that essentially asks the question, “does it even matter if the world is ending if your own world is crumbling around you?”. This picture was taken by a friend with that short story as inspiration. Now my world isn’t crumbling either, but I have been notably exhausted and stressed the past two weeks. But hey, at least the cover art for this issue is semi-sorta-relevant, that’s better than most weeks. Anyway, it’s almost been a month since the last Scatter Storming – yup, it was December 16th, people – so let’s talk games.

Darksiders and Beyond –
I didn’t get a chance to play any more Darksiders last night, as a pile of dishes and a new episode of Scrubs just edged it out on the priority list. Still, something I didn’t mention in my first impressions was a feeling I got while playing it. It wasn’t a feeling specifically relating to the game, but I just felt like my love for games got a kick-start. Not that I ever stopped loving gaming, but it was just something that was always there. A known fact that I played games, like when love becomes a habit. I think I have Riddlethos to thank in part for that spark, actually. Writing for this site makes me try games that I wouldn’t necessarily, and also seems to help me finish them. But I had a moment while playing Darksiders in which I just had instant appreciation for my favourite hobby. The work that went into the game, the obvious inspirations from other games that likely struck a chord with the developer. It was just a cool moment and if Darksiders can bring that about, I’m itching to play more.

I was right -
I started this issue when I started my workday around 11am. I made the cover art, wrote the intro and half that last “story” and thought to myself, “I’m probably going to finish this at 9pm”. Bloo-ya!

Sands of Destruction -
Anybody know about this game? I’m going to talk about a preview in an upcoming Tingle feature, but it wasn’t even on my radar until recently. I don’t know much about it, but it looks like pure handheld action RPG classic-ness. What does the buzz seem to be? Is there any?

I don't even have the horse yet!

I don't even have the horse yet!

Seriously, Darksiders -
I want to play more, and it’s all I’ve really played since the break on account of my crazy-ass new job. But it all seems to be slowly settling, so back to gaming for me! Which brings me to…

I’m excited for next week! -
I’m a genius. JRPG Relapse Week? It’s brilliance! It’s the genre that got me started, and I’m excited to dive back into it after a small taste over the break.

That’s it! I gotta go home, man. I’m really starting to live here. And because I forgot to say it at the beginning: I’m back, bitches! Suck it!

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3 Responses to “Scatter Storming. Issue #015 “Ryan’s Apocalypse””

  1. SiliconNooB says:

    Sands of Destruction has a scenario by Masato Kato who did the scenario for Chrono Cross, part of Chrono Trigger, a few of the Mana games and was a junior scenario planner on a couple of the PS1 FF games and Xenogears. It has the character designer from Xenogears and Xenosaga, with an OST partially composed by Yasanori Mitsuda. It was developed by the people who did Arc Rise Fantasia and Luminous Arc, and is produced by some dude that did a couple of Sega’s Shining games. I’m currently looking for a ROM.

  2. Ethos says:

    Yeah, but do you know anything about the GAME?
    Lemme know about it if/when you get the ROM.

  3. SiliconNooB says:

    Just got it. Seems a fully featured JRPG. Graphics and music seem great. The opening is absolutely ridiculous, it may fall under the “so bad it’s good” category, but only if it eventually becomes better. Beastmen’s racism towards humans seems to be a major theme of the game, and boy does the game choose to beat you around the head with it during the opening sequence. There’s also some girl who’s unhappy about racism who wants to blow everything up … and that’s about as far as I got, time for bed …

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