So I played some God of War II

God of War IIWell, it took two consecutive nights of staying up until 5 a.m or later, but Bayonetta has been finished and reviewed. I liked it a lot, (as evidenced by the nice things I said in my review) but I don’t think I fell in love with it quite as much as many other reviewers did. To each their own I suppose.

So, as I promised at the beginning of the week, I broke out God of War II today. Or the God of War Collection, rather. I (finally) finished the original God of War some weeks ago and quite enjoyed it, apart from a few ridiculously annoying parts. (The revolving spike wall will forever live on in my nightmares.) All in all, I thought it was a great hack-and-slash game, but I wasn’t about to start drooling over it the way people did six years ago.

I’ve yet to spend more than two hours with God of War II, but so far, it seems like… well, more God of War. But this is hardly a bad thing; and the in intensity meter seems to have been cranked up a notch from the previous game. The opening, elongated boss battle against that big… statue-thing was pretty awesome indeed, and certainly succeeded in grabbing my attention from the get-go.

It does feel like a bit of a step backwards to play God of War II immediately after finishing Bayonetta, I won’t lie. Bayonetta, obviously, has the unfair advantage of being a current-generation title – it’s bigger, flashier, it looks a hell of a lot better, and the combat mechanics are an evolution of what God of War originally set down. But in spite of this, God of War II is incredibly fun to play, and like its predecessor, oozes with badassery.

I require more playtime before a judgment call can be made. And, don’t forget, a certain Devil May Cry 3 is on deck for the week.  Bayonetta Faceoff week has barely begun, so don’t go ANYWHERE.

Seriously. Stay right there. Don’t move. We’ll hear about it if you do.

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2 Responses to “So I played some God of War II”

  1. DarthGibblet says:

    I’ve heard a lot of people say that GoW 3’s combat might not stand up too well when compared to Bayonetta’s. I’m sure some of that’s just the “new game smell” coming off Bayonetta, but I’m very curious to see what people think of both titles come this time next year. I’m still tempted to pick up Ninja Gaiden 2, since NG1 was one of the only 3rd person action games that’s ever sucked me in enough to finish. Any thoughts on how that compares to Bayonetta?

  2. Riddles says:

    Unfortunately no, since I’ve hardly spent enough time with Ninja Gaiden to make a judgment call. I own the first Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PS3, but I’ve never gotten past the first few levels.

    And after playing GoWII, I’m convinced that God of War III will have to make some pretty major overhauls in the combat system to live up to Bayonetta.

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