So… Where are the JRPGs?

JapanThat’s probably what you’re wondering right now, isn’t it? And justly so; I delayed the week, and there’s been nothing but a Hey! Look! Listen! and a Scatter Storming since.

Methinks it’s time for a long-overdue explanation: JRPG Relapse Week is about myself and Ethos revisiting our once-favorite genre. I say “once favorite”  because neither of us really played any JRPGs last year, and frankly, we feel kinda bad about it – so, I suppose this week counts as a form of repentance. Kinda.

Tomorrow, I’ll be spending the entire day with no less than four different JRPGs, all from different console generation. Here’s what they are:

Final Fantasy VI – SNES (I’ll be playing the GBA port)

Final Fantasy VIII – PSX (Blow it out your ass, haters)

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 – PS2 (The FES version)

Lost Odyssey – Xbox 360 (Hopefully it won’t pulverize my 360 this time)

So. Tomorrow, I’ll be coming at you live from my couch, bringing you play-by-play impressions as I make this metaphysical journey through JRPG History. I suggest you be there. Or be square.

But, right now, it is late. I must rest my brain for tomorrow. ‘Till then, faithful readers!

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