Dammit (Part 2)

Definitely did not manage to stay awake until midnight last night. Too sick.

And contrary to what I hoped, I don’t feel much better this morning. Called out of work.

However, despite my ailing body, I managed to drive across the street to GameStop and claim my copy of BioShock 2. As I write this, it’s installing on my PS3’s hard drive. It’s a whopping 5 gigs according to the back of the box, and it’s mandatory – it begins as soon as you pop the disc into your console.

Also, there’s no progress indicator, so I have no idea how long it’s going to take. Oh, and the musical track sounds a lot like Woody’s Roundup from Toy Story 2.

Anyway. If I can manage to stay conscious, I might write a little something about the game today. Also, I plan on saying something about Mass Effect 2. (I mean hell, I sunk 30 hours into the game, which is approximately triple the amount of time I’ve spent with any game in the past year.) Just don’t hold your breath for a HeyLookListen.

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