Hey! Look! Listen! Audio Edition #001

Yup, we did it. Because Riddles is here in person, we decided to make Hey! Look! Listen! into an audio edition this time and debunk all the validity the feature has built up for the site. Pogo joins as a special guest and complete madness ensues. Please to enjoy.

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7 Responses to “Hey! Look! Listen! Audio Edition #001”

  1. Pogo says:

    None of the tags for this post interest me. Maybe if you add more, I’ll find a reason to listen to this.

  2. Ethos says:

    I don’t want to give the gold away!

  3. Solo says:

    Finally you guys decided on doing an audio thing. Downloading.

  4. DarthGibblet says:

    For the record, I pronounce it “pasta.” Also, I’d love to see a diagram of Pogo’s mind. It seems like he’s the sine to everybody else’s cosine. Always both a step ahead and a step behind :F. I do think this podcast sets a new record for a low content/news ratio, but I’m OK with that. like Ethos pointed out, it matches the site!

    Also, Riddles (or was it somebody else?) I’m felt the same way about Leonardo DiCaprio, but then he just started being in really good movies. I figure by now he’s more than made up for Titanic.

    Anyway, great podcast-ish-thing guys. Heres to many more to come!

  5. ConstipatedCow says:

    This was absolutely the highlight of my day. I was listening to it on the bus on my way to school and couldn’t stop laughing. How did such a piece of shit podcast entertain me so much? I loved it to the end. MOAR!!

  6. DarthGibblet says:

    @CC: Rape the Polack!

  7. Berserk says:

    I’m from Britain and I pronounce it the pasta, not posta.

    Some of the stuff was hilarious in this, you should do these more often =)

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