Oh, God…

…It’s February.

This week, Riddlethos asks you the question: what’s worse than February?

Not much, if you ask me. We are now officially done with the Holiday season, and the remaining traces of that intoxicating New Year aura will soon be squelched out of existence.

The weather is shit by and large, and people have cast aside any remaining vestiges of Holiday cheer. As they should, because what is there to look forward to in February?

Valentine’s Day?

In the words of Jim Carrey, Valentine’s Day is a day created by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap.

I bought Valentine’s Day gifts for a girl once. She broke up with me four days later.

(I thought Conquerer of Shamballa was pretty good as far as anime series feature-film followups go…)

Ahem. Anyway. Even I am forced to admit: as bad as February is, the picture below is worse.



Yeah. I wasn’t kidding.

So, what’s worse than February, Riddlethosians? And for extra credit, what’s the name of the Jim Carrey movie that the above quote appeared in?

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8 Responses to “Oh, God…”

  1. DarthGibblet says:

    I’ve never been particularly good at Valentine’s day, but then my girlfriend’s birthday is 2 days later. I can’t win! I do agree that February sucks, though. At least with March you know it’s almost over, but February is just depressing. At least it’s the shortest month of the year.

    And I don’t remember that quote exactly, but that just sounds like something out of Eternal Sunshine, probably the best Jim Carrey movie in recent memory (well, the only decent one in recent memory, really).

  2. Riddles says:

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind it is!

    Jim Carrey’s best film, by my book. And one of my personal all-time faves.

  3. DarthGibblet says:

    Yay, go me! Eternal Sunshine was pretty good, though. One of the few movies in recent memory where I didn’t know the plot going into it, so I was honestly surprised at everything that happened, and I think I enjoyed the movie a lot more for it.

  4. Ethos says:

    Yeah that movie’s okay. Truman Show is the better Carrey flick, however. Not as indie and trippy, I know. Still the better movie.

  5. Riddles says:

    Oh, look! Ethos has a dissenting opinion! He must know exactly what he’s talking about!

  6. 7thCircle says:

    I was going to write something about Eternal Sunshine just being okay for a movie of that type and then praise Carrey’s more fantastic works, but then I realized I can’t name a better Jim Carrey film. I think I like him. I’ve seen a lot of his movies. Maybe The Mask was better? I haven’t seen it from start to finish since I was a teenager, but a roommate in college went through a weekend where he was obsessed with the scene where Carrey controls a crowd and makes them all dance, so he watched that one scene over and over and over for three days straight. It seemed to hold up well. Truman Show suffered from Glenn’s Ed Harris curse, where every movie Ed Harris is in has a poorly-executed ending and falls from “great” to “okay” as an overall film. I tried watching the Ace Venturas recently and it was painful. They work better as distant childhood memories.

    In conclusion, while Eternal Sunshine is overrated, it is indeed Carrey’s best film. That would make Ethan and Oliver both wrong, and me right.

  7. Riddles says:

    I’ll take that.

    Glenn Wilson, everyone.

  8. Ethos says:

    Pssh, the weak ending doesn’t break the rest of the movie. It’s still great in my books.
    However, I will accept “That would make Ethan and Oliver both wrong, and me right” as well.

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