Scatter Storming. Issue #020 “Exit Classy”

ss020Here it is, folks. The end of another 10 issue run of Scatter Storming. We all hoped it wouldn’t happen. People ran screaming in pain through the streets because of this feature’s continued existence but still it presses on. While this 10 issue run was supposed to have “classy” as the theme, it definitely deviated from that on a few occasions. Still, I’d like to pretend that I was more consistent, so I’ve made one final simple and clean cover for this twentieth issue. However, I still haven’t really played any games. The Olympics are liquid crack and I had to prepare for Doofus McDoofus’ arrival. Actually, speaking of that dude, maybe I’ll dedicate this issue to him.

A day of firsts -
After Riddles’ first flight on a plane, he arrived for the first time in a different country, made his first trip on public transit, had his first Volcano Crunchwrap from Taco Bell, made his first purchase with Canadian dollars, and thus had his first pocket full of loonies and toonies. All was looking up for our young friend until…

Apparently Riddles couldn’t handle his first flight of Canadian stairs. Yup, after I told him that the bathrooms were downstairs, I hear him wander off, then silence, then CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK “Ow”. All I can say is that I wish I had cameras installed in my house to capture that wonderful moment.

Oh wait, I can kinda talk about games! -
I watched Riddles beat Bioshock 2 and then watched a fair amount of the online play. The single player looks like a lot more fun from a purely visceral standpoint. There are more enemies, more powerful enemies, and more ways to take them all out. Unfortunately that seemed to, in turn, shift the focus to combat. At least in the final stages. While there were some undoubtedly strong moments in the final few hours, and while I didn’t have the context of the rest of the game, Bioshock 2 seems to fall apart in an even worse way than the original did at the end. Not from a lack of potential either, from what I can tell. But Riddles will no doubt cover all of this in his impending review that will overshadow this Scatter Storming edition anyway.

Also, multi-player -
Right, I mentioned the online multi-player. It seems cool. Nothing more really to say. It has some cool ideas that all tie into the single-player mechanics which is neat, but while it copies some of Modern Warfare 2’s strong points, it doesn’t seem to be able to compare to the experience overall. And when you have the choice between good online multi-player and excellent online multi-player, there’s really no reason to not choose the latter unless you have a strong preference for setting.

What? No picture post? -
Yeahyeah, I know the “10th Issue Extravaganza!!!” had a few celebratory MS Paintjobs at the end of it. However, just because the style rotation happens every 10 issues, doesn’t mean each time it happens it’ll be a celebration. It was just a happy coincidence last time. Also, there’s a lot of content planned for this very special week so suck it up!

That’s it, there’s the review outline below to peruse and Riddles sure-to-be epic Bioshock 2 review coming soon, plus even more content later on, so here’s my exit and the exit of classy Scatter Stormings. At least for now…

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