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As per the below video, Riddles, myself, Matti, and the unmentioned Pogo had a Super Smash Brawl tournament. It’s finished, but I’m going to preview the event so you can all place your bets.
There were two events that took place simultaneously over 8 stock matches with 3 lives. No items were allowed and each player got to choose two levels (provided they weren’t in the house banned list). The first event was overall kills which the game passively keeps track of anyway. The second was wins. The first place player got 3 points and second place got 1. The third and fourth players would be left with zero for that match. Players were allowed to switch characters between matches. Below are the contenders.
Smash Preview
And while we were allowed to switch characters and occasionally did, I’ll give you a list of who we played the majority (or all) our matches with.
Riddles - Link
Ethos - Olimar
Matti - Lucas
Pogo - Pikachu
Guess away!

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  1. Constipated_Cow says:


  2. DarthGibblet says:

    Based on absolutely no knowledge of anybody involved’s SSBB abilities (and, in fact, never even having played Brawl myself), I’ve gotta back Pikachu. PIKA!!!

  3. Andogo says:

    If I guess, that’d be cheating, right?

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