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Note: I did not play this game. This is not a review. Hence the quotation marks around “review” in the title. If you can guess what I actually did, kudos to you.

Blue Dragon Plus is an RTS sequel to the original Xbox 360 game. Not sure why Mistwalker thought that this was a logical next step for the series, but hey, Final Fantasy XII did it, so why the fuck not? There’s more backstory this time, which is good because the original game’s plot sucked.

Blue Dragon Plus picks up a year after the events of the original game (if you can remember what those were). Apparently Nene is still alive, and he’s causing all kinds of trouble on these weird cubes that are actually worlds. So obviously, it’s up to you to go stop him again.

But nobody cares about the story, so let’s just talk about the gameplay. It’s pretty good, but for some reason all the battles take place on a grid, which is really stupid because Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings wasn’t on a grid. With the stylus thingy you select one unit or a bunch of units, and draw a path for them to move. This works okay except that once they start MOVING, they just go wherever the hell they want, which makes forming a strategy a little difficult. Then again, it does add a unique level of challenge to the game – can you defeat the enemy with an army that’s incapable of follow even the simplest of directives? Probably not, but if you can, you’re that much more of a badass.

Anyway, there’s more bad stuff to talk about. For some stupid reason, you have to be facing an enemy on the grid in order to hit them with a spell, which is stupid, because the grid is stupid. There shouldn’t be a grid. You should be able to hit enemies from any direction, and you can’t. Which is stupid. Also, there’s no way to automate spells, which is stupid as well, because sometimes there are a lot of units in one fight, and I’m not good with micro-managing.

But it’s not all stupid. There’s an overworld and stuff, and the player can progress at his own pace, which is cool. There’s lots of optional stuff to do, if you really want the game to last more than 20 hours, which I guess is kinda cool. There’s also menus and stuff where you can customize your characters and their shadows, which is SUPER cool.

Blue Dragon Plus is pretty much the best DS RPG spinoff I’ve never played. I only say “never played” because I’ve never actually played it. But if I did, I’m pretty sure I’d write a review like this. Plus, it came out on my birthday, which makes it that much more special.

Blue Dragon Plus

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  1. SiliconNooB says:

    :D Sounds amazing!

  2. Ethos says:

    This is the best review I’ve ever read.

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