Oh, Well… This is Embarrassing…

This week, I mean. This God of War III Week. Or whatever it was supposed to be.

What happened that made this week deserving of the Failboat award you see below? Good question; I’m actually not quite positive. Let’s play the blame game for a bit and see what we come up with.

First, I’d like to blame Square Enix for releasing Final Fantasy XIII a week before God of War III.

Second, I’d like to single out Sony for releasing God of War III a week after Final Fantasy XIII.

Third, myself for not actually finishing God of War II until… early Wednesday morning, I suppose.

Fourth, Ethos for eloping to la-la land and leaving us with mere teasings of Pokemon Platinum-whatever-it-is.

Sometimes, things just… don’t fall into place. It’s a bit of an odd phenomenon, really, because it never happens when you expect it to. Pseudo-throwaway weeks such as Winter Week impress, while God of War III Weeks fail miserably.

I mean, we started out pretty well – with a review of the game and all. And then… nothing. The failboat weighed anchor, and went boldly sailing down River Riddlethos.

…and somehow, I don’t think my weak metaphors are helping the situation. I mean, I guess what I’m sort of trying to say is that I’m sorry? I guess…?

I mean, I didn’t even have to write this. I could have gone to a party tonight, in which case you probably wouldn’t have heard from me for the remainder of the weekend.

Incidentally, and as you’ve gathered, I didn’t go. I’m not actually much of a party-person as it were. At least, not parties of the large and noisy variety. I tend to prefer smaller, more relaxed gatherings. Or solitude, solitude is nice as well.

But before this devolves into a channeling of my emo-tastic non-existent journal pages, I shall conclude this… uh, note.

Just in case anyone’s interested, I have indeed been playing God of War III. I’m about four hours in. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll even write a little about it this weekend!

For now, I’m going to sleep. I have to be at work in seven hours.


2 Responses to “Oh, Well… This is Embarrassing…”

  1. SiliconNooB says:

    I would like to blame Square Enix for making a shitty game.

  2. Ethos says:

    The Last Remnant? How is that relevant?

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