PokéParty Update 02

It’s that time again! I fucking love this game.

QuilavaQuilava lvl 25 - This guy is still biding his time…I got the suggestion to incorporate Houndoom, and I loved the idea, so I’m banking on that now. I dropped the Vulpix idea when I realized that Ninetails isn’t as badass as I thought. I also taught the thing cut so that I was able to drop the deadweight, Bellsprout.

FlaaffyFlaaffy lvl 25 - Still a pro, this little sheep. Still waiting for a more powerful electric move, but he knows Strength and Headbutt to supplement his ThunderShock, and Thunder Wave is super-helpful in capturing endeavors.

PidgeottoPidgeotto lvl 25 – Same bird, slightly higher level. I don’t know Fly yet, so I’m a little anxious for that, but Pidgeotto is still holding his weight.

StantlerStantler lvl 26 – Surprise! I’ve decided to open up myself a bit. So that means not always having an identical team to every other time I play. I also used to have some sort of moral opposition to Pokémon that didn’t evolve, but I’ve loosened up about that. This guy is super-strong and definitely worth having for now. I highly doubt this dude will make it all the Pokémon League, but it’s a nice change of pace from the Raticate. Only bad thing is that he doesn’t learn a lot of good moves, so I’m running out of PP fairly quickly. Oh well. Also, this picture doesn’t do him justice. He’s actually quite regal and badass-looking.

Oh, and Riddles? Try actually contributing content during God of War III Week before complaining about my Pokémon Week, at least I’m producing daily relevant content. Nice to see Hey! Look! Listen! return after a 6 week break, or whatever it was.


9 Responses to “PokéParty Update 02”

  1. Berserk says:

    Best theme week ever! And best banner ever! Argh, I can’t wait to play Soul Silver, its still not out in the UK yet T_T

    I’m liking some of the pokes, cant go wrong with that sheep thing. You could use something like Quagsire to cover water and ground weaknesses in your opponent’s teams. Houndoom is good as well since it learns Fire and Dark moves, pretty good as you’ll be super effective against a variety of types. I usually try to have at least one poke that has ground types by the end stages. How far are you?

  2. Ethos says:

    3 badges in. And I’ve had Wooper too many times. I wanna switch it up! I get the good rod soon and I’ll start switching it up.

  3. SiliconNooB says:


  4. Josh says:

    Yeah, I’m also doing the whole trying out new things

    As of this evening, I have JUST beaten the 8th Gym, me team is as follows:

    Quilava lv. 35
    Xatu lv. 35
    Ampharos lv. 35
    Quagsire lv. 35
    Gyrados lv. 35
    Dragonair lv. 35

    However, I’m on my way to Whirl Islands to get my precious Lugia so bye bye Xatu soon enough.

  5. DarthGibblet says:

    I scrapped my whole team and started over. Now, I’m going with 6 Magicarps and I’m never going to let evolve! I will splash the SHIT out of all of you!

  6. Ethos says:

    @Darth – @Magikarps

    @Josh – Nice call! How has the Xatu worked out?

  7. Josh says:

    Xatu was a good idea, but I needed to raise it from Level 1, since it doesn’t know any flying or Psychic moves. But, upon hatching it learned Peck, and pretty early it learns some Ghost moves, so it was pretty decent. I was pleased. Not to mention it has a very high speed stat and it knows Me First… that has saved me many a battle.

  8. Josh says:

    Okay… so at 6:52 I have just beaten the Elite 4
    Here was my team:

    Lugia lv. 46

    Typhlosion lv. 46
    *Fire Blast

    Dragonair lv. 45
    *Draco Meteor
    *Dragon Rush
    *Aqua Tail

    Quagsire lv. 45

    Gyarados lv. 46
    *Dragon Rage
    *Ice Fang
    *Hydro Pump

    Ampharos lv. 46
    *Thunder Punch
    *Signal Beam

  9. DarthGibblet says:

    @Ethos: I don’t need your fancy book-learning to spell Magicarp!

    Also, that picture of Stantler makes it looks like he has one ass cheek that’s much larger than the other!

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