Scatter Storming. Issue #022

ss022Silly Paranoid Riddles. We all know Scatter Storming is better.

Although I do have to thank him for giving me his camera as a parting gift. Let’s get to it.

Hey, guess what? I played Heavy Rain! -
It’s true! Thanks Andogo for the loner copy. I’d even consider buying it myself, but you know I’m broke when I trade in two games (one of them Darksiders which I know I’ll re-buy) just to afford Final Fantasy XIII next week. Anyway, I think I have to slightly disagree with Riddles and say that Heavy Rain really is Quick-Time Event the game. But they are more forgiveable in this case. They branch out, and there is a degree of decision and influence in Heavy Rain that doesn’t exist in the QTE disasters of God of War. Still, after a time, although I’m thoroughly enjoying the story, I get sick of just tapping on-screen cues. But I’m sure I’ll trek my way through it if I still have a copy after I’m done with Final Fantasy XIII, God of War III, and Pokémon Soul Silver. So…hrm…that doesn’t look so optimistic anymore, but there is the added bonus of Heavy Rain looking to be relatively easy to Platinum, so we’ll see. But all that brings me to my next point…

Theme Week War -
There’s no debate that Final Fantasy XIII gets next week. Despite all the mixed buzz about it, I’m just as hyped as ever. Final Fantasy IX isn’t a fan favourite and its obviously my favourite, so I’m reserving final judgement on this one until I play it. And honesty, the big complaints about this one (linear for a long time, no towns), don’t scare me in the least. But, that leaves the following week. Riddles the Moronicus wants it to be God of War III Week. Boo-urns, who the fuck cares? I’ll play it, yeah, but he and I both agree that it’s a fun, yet vastly overrated series. Maybe not vastly, but notably. Anyway, my vote is for Pokémon Gold & Silver Week. Riddles argues that God of War is the bigger release, but I call bullshit on that! Pokémon is fucking huge and he just wants God of War because he’s never cared about handhelds or the PURE AWESOMENESS that is Pokémon. Whatta douche, what do you guys think?

Oh dear -
I have no idea why any woman has ever had any interest in me after writing a paragraph like that.

Etrian Odyssey! -
For long-time fans of Ethos (I’m sure there are many), I used to write reviews for The first one I wrote for a new release was Etrian Odyssey II. This was a game I never would have played otherwise, and a game that literally everybody I talked to on staff warned me about. I ended up loving the game and almost bought a used copy the other week. In fact, I only didn’t because of the previously mentioned broke situation. But after going for my occasional browse of RPG-related news, I stumbled upon art for Etrian Odyssey III. Huzzah! I didn’t even know it was coming. This is now officially on my radar. If they can keep up all the awesome without making it dissolve at the end like last time, then it could even be on the top of my lists for the year.

That’s all. Go home.

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15 Responses to “Scatter Storming. Issue #022”

  1. SiliconNooB says:

    Heavy Rain is a game that actually makes me enjoy QTEs.

    GoWIII is going to be AMAZING!

  2. Ethos says:

    Well, it’s because Heavy Rain expands their use and function, I wouldn’t say the game enhances my enjoyment of them in general.

    And we’ll see. I’m okay with GoWIII being amazing, but I’m not expecting it. I’m expecting what I got with GoWII: fun and badass.

  3. 7thcircle says:

    Colossus is the only boss ever where I had to literally stop and do nothing but level grind for what seemed like 10 hours just to get strong enough to kill it. I even remember where I was when I finally bumped off the damn thing. Still, EO3! Yay!

  4. DarthGibblet says:

    @7th: I take it you haven’t played “The Answer” part of P3:FES :F.

    @Ethos/SN: I think the main difference between GoW QTEs and Heavy Rain QTEs is that missing a button isn’t instant failure in Heavy Rain. Personally, this takes a lot of the pressure off and leads to a much more enjoyable QTE experience (or as close to one as you can get).

  5. DarthGibblet says:

    Also, I may care about GoW if it came out during a dry spell, but as it stands now, there’s so many other games that are higher on my priority list. Better luck for GoW IV, I guess

  6. SiliconNooB says:

    @DG-That’s one of the reasons, the other is that they have made an effort to make the QTE inputs feel like intuitive responses to what is happening on screen, reflecting the onscreen action of the character. Heavy Rain is the only game to have ever executed QTEs well IMO.

  7. 7thcircle says:

    @Darth – Correct! I’m one of those idiots who bought FES, never opened it, and now I want to buy P3P but can’t because I refuse to own three copies of the same game.

  8. DarthGibblet says:

    @7th: But the The Journey’s SO GOOD (curse me and my limited vocabulary!)! And The Answer’s story is decent, too, but they took out a lot of the best parts of The Journey (no social links or town) and replaced them with *grind, grind, grind*. I never bought the original P3 (just FES), but I’m still planning on picking up P3P day one (Wow, I sound like an Atlus shill :f).

  9. 7thcircle says:

    When I say “shittiest boss battle ever” and you say “clearly you haven’t played The Answer,” it really doesn’t make me want to tear off the shrink wrap, connect the PS2 to the TV, and start getting to know Aigis better. I will replay P3 someday, it just won’t be on the PSP.

  10. DarthGibblet says:

    Ahhh, sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you were saying you hadn’t played any of the game, not just that you hadn’t played The Answer, so I was encouraging you to play the game as a whole (in retrospect, I should have been able to put 2 and 2 together with your “buying the game 3 times” comment *slaps self*). The Answer’s story was enjoyable, but hardly worth all the effort. Just youtube the cinematics and you’re probably good to go.

    But, to be fair, I haven’t played too many “hard” RPGs. While The Anwer’s probably the biggest grindfest I’ve ever made it through, it’s possible it’s tame by more hardcore player’s standards.

  11. 7thcircle says:

    Depending on whom you ask, I’m either a very hardcore gamer, or I’m a wittle baby:

  12. SiliconNooB says:

    The 360 port of FFXIII looks pretty disgusting …

  13. Berserk says:

    Pokemon theme week plz :3
    I reckon the new DS games will outsell God of War III, other than that, I don’t know how you could quantify which is the ‘bigger release.’

    I’ve been looking forward to EO3 for a while, it looks awesome. I still need to get through the first and second though..

  14. DarthGibblet says:

    @SN: I just finished reading through that Digital Foundry article, and yeah, I’m glad I’ve got the option. I’m usually pretty detail-blind when it comes to game resolutions and such, but even I could notice the difference in some of those shots. Still looks OK on the 360 (if it wasn’t a side-by-side comparison, I wouldn’t be able to tell you it was lacking), but the PS3 version just looks SO much better. Like they said in the article, I think it really speaks volumes for SE’s Crystal Tools that the 360 port looks so thrown together. I hope they get a chance to add some more polish into the system before they try releasing another big budget game on both consoles.

  15. Ethos says:

    @Glenn – I’d call you none of those things.
    @SN/Darth – Yeah…I know. And I’m a little like Darth with this too. I don’t always notice in the same detail that others do, but this is pretty bad.
    @Berserk – I’m with you on this, man! Riddles has been silent, so let’s hope that’s a good sign!

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