Welcome to Ethos Presents: Pokémon Silver Madness Extraordinaire Week!

Told you! I love this site, and I’m reviving it. Casting Raise and then Curasa. Wrong series though, I should rather say that I’m taking this site to the Pokémon Centre! It’s never been a secret that I love this stupid series, but I’m not holding back this week. I have Pokémon SoulSilver and I’ve purposefully held back so that I could let it all out if I had the chance. Lazy Riddles has definitely given me that chance. This is my week, and my site. Suck it, Montok!

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6 Responses to “Welcome to Ethos Presents: Pokémon Silver Madness Extraordinaire Week!”

  1. SiliconNooB says:

    You should have made it “Oliver gets kicked in the nuts week”!

  2. Josh says:

    I choose you!

  3. Ethos says:

    @SN – Oh that’s good. I’m saving that one.
    @Josh – Oh yeah, this is the week for you! I’ll be obnoxiously posting my team all the time, join in!

  4. SiliconNooB says:

    Happy to help ;)

  5. Josh says:

    Due to a Pokewalker SNAFU late last week I am now re-playing Soul Silver.

    I am currently in Goldenrod and my team consists of
    Quilava lv.19
    Wooper lv.18
    Pidgeotto lv. 18
    Oddish lv.18
    Flaaffy lv. 18
    Kadabra lv. 19

    However, to take on Whitney the crazy stupid Normal Gym leader I’ll be switching out Kadabra for a Machop.

  6. Ethos says:

    OH YEAH! WOOPER! I had one in my original Silver playthrough. I haven’t come across one, and I should have! I decided against the Kadabra this time although I caught an Abra. I don’t know, I just used the guys too much. Looks like a great line-up though. Just posted my current one.

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