Games where the Sun Don’t Shine – #2: Heavy Rain

“Games where the Sun Don’t Shine” is a completely random, arbitrary, and pointless list of games that give off a dark and/or depressing vibe. What better way, after all, to celebrate the season of Spring?

Heavy Rain

While Ethos seems to be turning to titles of old for his Sunshine list, I’m (apparently) sticking closer to more current-gen stuff. Stands to reason, I suppose, since you don’t find many oppressive and/or dark 2D experiences. Or maybe you do, and I’m just not familiar enough with past classics.

Regardless, I have no shame in naming Heavy Rain my #4 game on Games where the Sun Don’t Shine. As you can gather from it’s apt title, you don’t see the sun very often in Heavy Rain. In fact, you see it for the first two levels and that’s it. The premise of the story is a psychopath who drowns his victims in rainwater – so naturally, rain is falling the entire time. Sure, rain is a cheap atmosphere buff, but it’s also effective – and, in fact, it’s more effective in Heavy Rain than most other places.


Aside from the somber premise and awful (beautiful) weather, Heavy Rain makes things even more depressing by requiring you to do (for lack of a better phrase) some fucked-up shit. In order to save his son from death by drowning, Ethan Mars must engage in a variety of dangerous and/or unpleasant tasks – from driving against traffic to killing a man begging for life. The latter, in particular, is one hell of a scene. I was re-thinking that one in my mind for quite some time afterwards. Sort of stunning, actually, for a videogame.


And now I want to play Heavy Rain again. Hrm.

Well anyway, stay tuned for my final entry. And hopefully two more from Ethos.

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  1. Ethos says:

    Way to count, idiot.

  2. Ethos says:

    5, 4, 3, 4… :D

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