God, I Hate Wordpress

Good evening, all. It’s a new theme week here at Riddlethos.com, but you wouldn’t be able to gather that by looking at the banner.

Or, rather, where the banner should be. I sometimes hate Wordpress. A lot. It’s really confusing and arbitrary in so many aspects. I have a pretty banner made, but can I upload and display it for the viewing pleasure of all? No. No, I cannot. I hate wordpress. Did I mention that already?

I guess I can blame our hosting too; nothing’s gone quite right since our host switched servers.

Blah. While I’m here, I apologize for the lack of Soapbox. I was supposed to write one yesterday, but in all honesty, I could not muster the inspiration. Ethos, supposedly, will be bringing you some sort of belated something-or-other to make up for it, but I wouldn’t count on that. Or on him in general. He’s a bit of a sketch.

I mean, he bought a PSP Go. What more proof do you need?

Anyway. Stay tuned for a proper introduction to this new theme week. Apologies for the delay.



4 Responses to “God, I Hate Wordpress”

  1. abe80 says:

    hey don’t knock the psp, there has been a serious lack of psp reviews/themes/anything. I think the only time the psp was mentioned was when the go came out

  2. Riddles says:

    Heh, I’m not knocking the PSP. I love the PSP. Just not the Go, so much.

    I agree with you about the lack of PSP-related stuff, but unfortunately, I’m not much of a portable gamer. Now that Ethos has one, you’ll undoubtedly see more.

  3. DarthGibblet says:

    @Riddles: I was the same way before I got an hour commute each way. Now I’ve got plenty of time for portable games :D

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