Lazy Saturdays #02

Well, once again, we have an extraordinarily lazy Saturday on our hands. Or I do, at least. The rain is pouring, the sky is dark, I’m still unemployed, and I’m getting pretty hungry. I sense Little Caesars in my immediate future.

I got into a car accident last night. Well, sort of. I wasn’t actually driving, and it wasn’t much of an accident. Charlie and I were on our way back from Nashville to Murfreesboro, and we were sideswiped while trying to merge onto the interstate. It may actually have been our fault, too – we’re not 100 percent certain which way the “yield” sign was facing. Regardless, the dude just kept driving and essentially vanished into the night. So… yeah. Technically a hit-and-run, I suppose. People these years, I swear.

Like last week, I figure I’ll throw a few interesting links your way. Alleviate the boringness of your Saturday. And if your Saturday happens to not be boring, just consider it an additional perk.

Digital Foundry Breaks Down 3D Game Development for PS3Maybe you’re one of those people waiting for the 3D gaming era with bated breath. Or, like me, maybe you just aren’t. Regardless of that, if you want more information on the process of creating 3D games, as well as the advantages and drawbacks of the technology within the sphere of gaming, I highly recommend the above read. It probably won’t do much to change your mind on the matter, but if nothing else, it gives ammo to both sides.

What’s most interesting – and disturbing – to me is the sacrifices developers have to make in order to get a game running in 3D. Super Stardust HD, for example, doesn’t run in 1080p when converted to 3D – a bit of a shame, seeing that that’s always been one of the game’s main accolades. Games such as MotorStorm, which already only displayed in 720p, has now been reduced to a sub-HD image. (Thank goodness for the PS3’s upscaling, eh?)

One day, I will write a detailed soapbox concerning my thoughts on 3D. For now, I will merely say this: when you have to sacrifice one cutting-edge technology to make room for another – in this case sacrificing HD for 3D – then it’s clearly too early to attempt bringing the technology to the mainstream. Wait until you don’t have to make such drastic concessions for the sake of what many people few as little more than a gimmick.

Android OS Now Has Over 50,000 Apps AvailableConsidering a Droid OS alternative to Apple’s apparent throttlehold on the smartphone market? Well, this might nudge you even more in that direction. I had no idea there were so many Android apps available, and I’m glad to see that it’s garnered such support.

Happy Fifth Anniversary, YouTubeFive years? It’s that all it’s been? Sheesh. Proof, I suppose, that occasionally time doesn’t fly. I feel like YouTube’s been around as long as the internet. Anyway, hit the link to see the first YouTube video ever uploaded. (SPOILER ALERT: it’s a shockingly pointless 18-second clip of some dude looking at elephants in a zoo.)

Alright. It’s pizza time. And maybe Avatar time, since Charlie bought it. Have to thank him for that – effectively answered my question of whether or not I should purchase it.

Oh, and enjoy the pretty picture.


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5 Responses to “Lazy Saturdays #02”

  1. Ethos says:

    Funny, I was just talking to my filmmaker friend about how his test scene that he shot in 3D is going to be lower resolution than if he put out a 2D version. I’m sure it’s for different reasons than gaming because my friend was shooting in video, and if you’re shooting film, than worries of resolution aren’t really worries anymore, but still a bit of an interesting point.

  2. Riddles says:

    It is, because it kinda backs my point up. Film as advanced to the point where they don’t *have* to sacrifice image quality to achieve 3D.

    Games, on the other hand, are not at that point. So, in my opinion, developers just need to chill out and wait until they are.

  3. Ethos says:

    er, it’s slightly different though. Film was that advanced the moment film was invented. The max resolution for actual film stock is huge. Hence why older films can be re-released in HD. Resolution was never the issue with 3D technology in film.

  4. DarthGibblet says:

    Is the fact that 3D games take a performance hit a surprise to anybody? I just assumed there would be some kind of degradation, since the game essentially has to be rendered twice. Some of it wouldn’t be that expensive (like there obviously wouldn’t need to be 2 copies of any of the in-game objects in memory or anything), but that’s still essentially twice the pixels you have to be churning out per frame. I expected it to be handled mostly the same way split screen is handled (as the article pointed out for Motorstorm), where some of the assets are downscaled and some of the geometry removed or simplified. Either that, or they’d have to do something like that 2D plus depth method mentioned in the article, where it’s still rendered once, but then interpolated into the second frame. Either way, it’s more juice to spend on 3D and less on any other effects.

    @Ethos: I’d be curious as to why your friend had to reduce the resolution for 3D film. I’m not sure what exactly the process is for film, but like I said above, I thought the issue for games is having to render everything twice, which obviously wouldn’t be the case for film .

  5. DarthGibblet says:

    Oh yes, and I love Digital Foundry’s stuff :D. Just want to throw that out there (again).

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