Sunshine Games – #1: Plants vs. Zombies (PC)

Ethos’ Sunshine Games Countdown is a completely arbitrary list of games that make him smile. They are games that are pure unadulterated fun with none of the heaviness that might come from more epic titles. They are games that make you giddy just thinking about them, and have the same refreshing optimism that Spring yields.

Plants vs. Zombies (PC)

PopCap goes two for two in the final entries for this ridiculous list. Plants vs. Zombies wins over Peggle because not only is it the better game, but the main resource is quite literally sunshine. For those who don’t know, Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense game that pits the odd combination of plants defending a house from zombies. I’m not a big tower defense guy, but this game still has me addicted. It’s creative, funny, addictive, and occasionally quite challenging. Y’know that “just one more level” quality I was talking about with Peggle? Well Plants vs. Zombies has it in droves. The reason why I specify PC (and iPad too, I suppose) is because although the iPhone version is great (and cheap), it doesn’t have the wide range of modes that the PC version has. Mini-games, creative spins on the gameplay, and survival modes are topped off with a “Zen Garden” which is quite literally a virtual garden for harvesting cash. While the tone of the game is more tongue-in-cheek as opposed to Peggle’s overwhelming happiness, Plants vs. Zombies is still the undeniable Sunshine Games champion.

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