Sunshine Games – #2: Peggle

Ethos’ Sunshine Games Countdown is a completely arbitrary list of games that make him smile. They are games that are pure unadulterated fun with none of the heaviness that might come from more epic titles. They are games that make you giddy just thinking about them, and have the same refreshing optimism that Spring yields.


Does this even need to be explained? Just some of the Sunshine parts of this game include many Spring-themed backgrounds, a flower that makes pegs bloom, happy music, a unicorn, and Ode to Joy playing every time you beat a level. In fact, I don’t think the game could get any more happy-go-lucky if it tried. Plus, the writing is funny, and the game is endlessly addicting. PopCap just knows how to make games that are pick-up-and-play but can hook you for hours and hours of “just one more level” fun. Peggle is silly and happy and fun and almost the perfect Sunshine game, but it just loses out to a game with a bit more depth and a bit more fun, though perhaps not quite so soaked in sunshine in the same sense.

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