Tingle! Tingle! Kooloo-Limpah! #004

BOO-YA! Thank you Riddles for HLL-ifying my Tingle banner to officially make this your new Friday source of news at Riddlethos!

Yes, Riddles and I agreed that we should split the Hey! Look! Listen! job, but neither of us felt comfortable with me taking over directly. Therefore we came up with the perfect compromise: take my weird non-tangible barely-updated feature and make it the Ethos Friday news feature! Winning all around! Anyhoo, to kick things off right, I’ll half ass this and only give you one piece of old news!

NPD Has No Surprises! Surprise!
Yup, God of War led the way selling 1.1 million in March, unless you want to combine the two Pokémon remakes, because Heartgold and Soulsilver sold nearly 1.8 million combined, and even the two Final Fantasy XIII versions combined for just under 1.5 million units sold. Anyway, nothing else is really interesting unless you think that New Super Mario Bros Wii still selling half a million is interesting. I think that title should have been a download. But then again, I think that about everything! I just bought an essentially new PSP Go off a friend for a good price. Hells yes.

Speaking of, I’m going to go play Patapon 2. Or Dissidia. Or maybe even break out a classic and try Tactics for the first time. What do you think of this new TTKL/HLL News decision? Lemme know in the comments below, and I’ll reply after MORE AMAZING PLAYOFF HOCKEY tonight. Whatta good week!


10 Responses to “Tingle! Tingle! Kooloo-Limpah! #004”

  1. kenjujuu says:

    Well, it sounds like an awesome way to end the woprking week, but that banner you have there is THE most horrifying cosplayer I have ever seen. And I have been to anime conventions.
    Also, play Dissidia. It wins all.

  2. 7thCircle says:

    She lies. Play Patapon 2. I haven’t played it yet because it’s download only, but Patapon is my favorite PSP game. Pata-pata-pata-pon!

  3. kenjujuu says:

    Dissidia is my favourite PSP game, and I haven’t played Patapon 2 either. Let’s have a fight.

  4. 7thCircle says:

    I’m a lover not a fighter. A lover of Patapon 2, that is.

  5. Ethos says:

    Both games are sweet, but when I’m not playing Grandia, I’m favouring Patapon 2 because it’s not as intimidating.

  6. kenjujuu says:

    How is Dissidia intimidating? Chaos does have that bizzare decora on his crotch, but he’s nice when you get to know him!

  7. Ethos says:

    No, not visually or thematically intimidating. So many options and menus at once!

  8. DarthGibblet says:

    I’ve been playing Grandia on the train the past few days. How are you liking it? I’m about 4 hours in so far.

  9. Ethos says:

    I’m totally digging Grandia. I see why Ginia loves it so much. The dungeons can be a little disorienting, and it has its usual PSX-era JRPG sexism, but I’m into the game overall.

  10. DarthGibblet says:

    I’m not too far into Grandia myself, I just got past the second dungeon (although they were both pretty short). I’ll definitely agree that the dungeons (and the towns even) are disorienting. I miss being able to angle the camera up and down to look around for things :F. It seems fun so far, though. I’m still trying to get the hang of the battle system and everything, but the story’s engaging. I’m glad I picked it up :D

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