Welcome to The Final Fantasy Week

Ahhh, that's better

Ahhh, that's better

Why the crap didn’t Riddles include a FF9 character in the banner? I can only imagine “spite”.

Anyhoo, welcome back to reality! I hope you all had as much fun as Riddles and I did during the madness of last week, but it’s also a relief to return to the regular proceedings of Riddlethos. We decided to kick things back to (our brand of) normality with a celebration of our beloved Final Fantasy franchise.

Especially considering the disappointment that FFXIII was to a lot of us, Riddles and I thought it would be a good idea to remember the good times with a series of awards given throughout the week ending with our pics for favourite Final Fantasy game (spoilers, I’m going to choose IX). And that’s also it, because Riddles and I feel so strongly and so differently about so many of the games, and it’s a oft debated series in general, we’re going to give an award from each of us in every category. There’ll be more to agree and disagree with that way. Also, for clarification’s sake, we’ll only be tackling the numbered entries in the series, but we are choosing to include X-2.

Anyway, I’ve got one fuck of a busy week ahead of me, so the unemployed Riddles is taking more of a hand in the organization and schedule, so I’ll let him preview the awards for you later today. All I know is that we’re starting things off with Best Battle System today. See you around!


14 Responses to “Welcome to The Final Fantasy Week”

  1. kenjujuu says:

    Final Fantasy X’s battle system FTW.

  2. Ethos says:

    It’s actually in my top 3, but it’s not going to make the top two I’ll be listing…

  3. Blitzmage says:

    my top 5 battle systems
    5.Final Fantasy 10
    4.Final Fantasy 13
    3. Final Fantasy 4
    2. Final Fantasy 12
    1. Final Fantasy 7

    Normally im not a huge FF7 fan boy but i think it does have one of the best battle systems in the series

  4. Riddles says:

    I think my favorite might be Final Fantasy XII’s

    Ohhhh shit, did I just spoil something?

  5. SiliconNooB says:

    FFXII’s battle system was well designed for a certain type of player, but it was far too hands off for my liking …

  6. Ethos says:

    I like 10’s more than 12’s, that’s for sure. It’s not in my top 5 even. I liked it, but it’s not one of my favourites. It worked well for the game.
    And how can VII be a favourite battle system? I guess the materia system is cool, but I wouldn’t consider that the battle system. All the PSX battle systems are pretty lame, actually (including IX). It’s more just satisfying to see the result of your menu-work.

  7. SiliconNooB says:

    Yeah, VII just had the stock standard ATB.

  8. SiliconNooB says:

    I do really like XIII’s, but my experience of it was somewhat soured by the rest of the game …

  9. DarthGibblet says:

    My top 3 battle systems would probably be X, X-2, and XIII, but I’m not sure which order I’d put them in (probably depends on the point in the game, party status, what mood I’m in, etc). Really, the ATB itself should be the overall winner, though. Heck, it lasted from IV (or earlier? I don’t remember much from II except bashing my own party members in the head) until IX and really didn’t seem that much worse for wear after a decade of straight use.

  10. SiliconNooB says:

    Yeah we do take the ATB for granted, but that must have been groundbreaking at the time.

  11. Ethos says:

    You and I agree completely on the top battle systems, Darth.
    There’s nothing wrong with ATB, and I enjoy replaying the PSX titles, but when compared to X, X-2, or XIII, they just don’t live up.

  12. DarthGibblet says:

    @Ethos: Don’t worry, I know exactly what you meant when you said all the PSX FF combat systems were lame. There just really wasn’t much variety to them at all, since they were all the ATB. As I said, the ATB was a great system, but I’m glad they started experimenting a bit more with X. I think that X-2 was the culmination of a decade of ATB refinement, but it’s definitely nice that they started looking at other options as well (come to think of it, I feel pretty much the same way about X-2 and the job system. X-2 really would have been a fantastic game if you cut out all the stuff people associate with X-2).

  13. Blitzmage says:

    to me battle system includes how u gain abilities, how the battles are “played” , and how fun the battle system is. now FF7 I believe did ATB perfectly in my opinion I had the most fun with that system

  14. SiliconNooB says:

    @DG- FFVIII certainly experimented with the battlesystem, the results were just a little unpleasant …

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