Scatter Storming. Issue #031

We finally made it, guys! Issue 31! What a big deal. Anyway, I’m tired, so let me write some other words.

Super Mario Galaxy 2? More like Super Mario Galaxy Moo! Amirite?! -
So I beat the final boss and am up to about 105 stars. I’m going to get 120 before penning the review, but it’ll definitely be up this week. Spoilers: I think the game fucking rocks.

More like Brave SHMOREY! -
I’ve been playing Brave Story instead of Lunar on the PSP. Why? I’m not quite sure, I think Lunar is the better game. But Brave Story is charming and perhaps easier to play in smaller doses because I care less about the story.

More like PITTER PUNCH! -
Forgive me, I’m tired and delirious. I downloaded Critter Crunch on the PSN and played it instead of Alan Wake last week. WORTH IT! The game is beautifully hand-drawn and absolutely addictive. It’s often funny too. I like that the PSN and XBLA are really coming into their own with fun, stylish, little games that are priced in stark contrast to retail titles (Critter Crunch cost me $7).

Gimme Da Red Dead –
Yup, I want it. I’m not really a GTA guy, but something about Red Dead has me intrigued. I wasn’t sold on Alan Wake, and I might be retracing my steps with BlazBlue, so I’m sensing a trade-in. Both Riddles and I almost regret our choice for Alan Wake over Red Dead last week, so maybe we’ll see REDEMPTION next week? Enh? ENH?! I’m a fucking genius.

I’m out of material, so let’s post more memes of Riddles -
Now you can too! Just click here to download the template and we can all laugh at Riddles together in new and exciting ways! Here are just some examples. Click on the picture for a bigger version. E-mail your versions to!

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