A Life Without Video Games

I’m having a great time here, and that title isn’t exactly true because Erika and I have been playing Super Mario Galaxy 2, but apart from that, it’s interesting to take a look at myself when I’m without games for even just a week. I forgot my PSP at home, and iPod games don’t count (I’ve only been playing Sudoku anyway). So often my instinct is to play games, and when I don’t have that as an option so far I’ve only felt mild annoyance. Mostly because my only opportunities when I’d want to play games is when I’m in my hotel after a long day and I’m really tired and just want to sleep anyway.

The point is I can’t really tell if I’m appreciating the break from games, or if I miss them. I don’t feel gamer fatigue, but I suppose I’m just not very excited about any games that will be released in the near future. Still, I wish I had FFIX on my PSP here to play myself to sleep with.

As you can tell, I really have nothing to say, but I wanted to touch base with you guys because I’m so busy this week. And because Riddles is on sabbatical, I can’t very well expect him to pick up the slack! The man needs his beauty rest. Anyhoo, do you guys miss video games when you’re away?


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  1. 7thCircle says:

    Your answer does not apply to me. I always bring video games when I travel, starting with the Game Boy on road trips when I was in grade school all the way up to the PSP and DS I have in the hotel with me while I travel for work this week.

    When I visited a friend in Hawaii a few years ago, some of the most relaxing moments for me occurred while he was at work during the day and I sat in his living room playing Yggdra Union with a beautiful view of a mountain outside and the beach breeze blowing through his house. Video games don’t have to shut off my sense of the outside world if I don’t want them too.

    But even if I didn’t have video games while away, I would be reading and not missing them any. I read much more when I’m travelling than when I’m at home, and a good book can pull me out of my surroundings just as well as a video game can, so as far as their impact on vacations goes, books = video games.

    And if I had no games, no books, and no TV, I would indeed miss them and be very bored. I’d probably walk around somewhere crowded and peoplewatch like a lonely old man, laughing to myself whenever someone fat, or unintelligent, or black walks by, giving them offensive, crude backstories in my mind and believing that every person I see is inferior to me in every way, like ants scurrying across a dung heap.

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