Quick Notes

Pretend these are gaming notes

Hey, it’s the most important week in gaming. Do you know where Riddles is? What the fuck was I on when I decided to run a site with that guy?

I’m having a busy day at work, but before I write my The Dust Has Settled for the day, I thought I’d post some quick thoughts since that feature won’t go up until later tonight.

-Epic Mickey doesn’t suck! Who would have guessed? Not me!
-Kevin Butler may not have actually announced or said anything, but goddamn it if that speech wasn’t awesome.
-People seem to care about Twisted Metal. I don’t.
-Nintendo had a hardcore conference? What?! No Vitality Sensor? What?! I’ll fucking take it!
-No ICO trilogy confirmed. TGS?
-No Last Guardian anything. Boo.
-I now care about Kirby.

More to come later tonight.
What’d you guys take from today?


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