Hazy Evenings of the Olicaust

Hrm, yes, hello, it is I. Riddles. I’m back. Remember? I figured since I just recently returned, I should pop back in a bit early to remind you fuckers. I know what a forgetful lot you are, believe me. No Riddles for 17 hours? Ah, well, he must have gone off and started another cover band or something.

First off, that’s ridiculous. Secondly, there’d be no need to form “another” cover band. Green Daze, to my knowledge, is still going strong. Thank you very much.

So anyway, yeah. I’m here. And I’m here to stay.

While I’m here, should I say something about games? I feel like I should. This is a videogame website. Right?

I mean, seriously it is still a videogame website, right? Ethan didn’t turn it into like a homosexual singles match site or anything drastic like that, right?

Okay, good.

I mean, I’m totally cool with homosexuals finding eachother and going and dates and stuff, I just… ah…

Ah. Before I completely crash and burn this joyride, I’m gonna take a quick left onto MODERN WARFARE 2

Ah. Anyway. Modern Warfare 2. I played some of it today. I’ve been playing it quite a bit, recently; more so than any other game. I enjoy it, a lot. And I wish more people would play with me. That is all.

Oh, yeah, remember Red Dead Redemption? Yeah, still haven’t finished that shit. It’s a great game, but it gets repetitive over time. I’ve only played 16 hours or so, and I’m ready for it to end.

The fact of the matter – and I give a certain Glenn Wilson full credit for telling me this a month ago – everything you do in Red Dead essentially boils down to two very basic things: Riding and Combat. Sure, there’s a hell of a lot to do – in fact, it’s a little overwhelming at first. But aside from a handful of mini-games and gimmicks, the missions of Red Dead involve you riding horses and shooting bandits. Which is a lot of fun – for ten hours or so. It begins to wear thin quickly afterward.

But more on that later. I’m in no shape to write a full impression. In fact, it’d be pretty redundant at this point. The game’s been on stores for a good while.

So. Instead, I leave you with this song. Enjoy some fine music while browsing Riddlethos.

No, seriously, this stuff is the shit man. It’s been playing in the background for me all night. Take that as you will.


3 Responses to “Hazy Evenings of the Olicaust”

  1. SiliconNooB says:

    *The sound of Crickets chirping mournfully in the background*

  2. DarthGibblet says:

    I think I’m happier having skipped Red Dead. I’m sure it’s a great game and all, but I’m just COMPLETELY outside the target audience for it. From what I’ve heard, it’s GTAIV + Old West, neither of which I have any interest in. Bring me GTAIV In Space, then we’ll talk.

    I should say, I’ve got nothing against a game (or movie, book, music, whatever for that matter) that I’m not the target audience for (take those Movie movies. Never seen any of them, but if they want to keep putting them out, doesn’t impact my life in the slightest). They just won’t be getting any of my time or money.

  3. SiliconNooB says:

    I’ve really hit saturation point with my game library, other years I would have bought Red Dead on day 1, but currently I’m going to have to finish a few games before I buy anything that isn’t ZOMG essential.

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