Hey! Look! Listen! Audio Edition #002

The podcast you wished had disappeared forever is back! With no Riddles nor Pogo, Constipated Cow steps up, and the results are disastrous! If you’re in a particularly masochistic mood, listen to these two idiots struggle for things to say and finally settle on creating demeaning situations for Cow’s girlfriend. To make things worse, Ethos wrote a terrible theme song that doesn’t suit the podcast one bit!

Please to enjoy.

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3 Responses to “Hey! Look! Listen! Audio Edition #002”

  1. Andogo says:

    …listening to this, it just reminds me of the time when I was bewilderingly mistaken about Matti’s sexuality. Reminds me of it, really, because I’m not too sure I was actually mistaken, having listened to this entire podcast.

    Then again, I actually listened to this entire podcast, so maybe my judgment is suspect to begin with.

  2. J Perhaps says:

    I got so addicted to Bowser’s Inside Story. What a fun game.

  3. Constipated_Cow says:

    Wow! I just masturbated to the sound of my own voice!

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