Spam Comment Roundup #003

Spam Comment Roundup is back, bitches!

Okay, I admit that I was jealous that Riddles has been able to say that so much. But it is true. SCR is back.


Keep in mind that I do not alter these in any way except for taking out the spam links.

1 – Goldvish’s Children -
Tried to post to “The Dust Has Settled: Day 3 – Ethos

Goldvish is a family robot who knows how to delegate…

Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you present! I am going to bookmark your weblog and have my children investigate up here generally. Thumbs up!

Goldvish doesn’t have the TIME, people! It needs its little robot children to investigate its favourite new sites!

2 – A Good Point… -
Tried to post to “E3, Mother Fuckers!

The not-so-subtly-named “trade show videos” proves that robots sometimes know their shit.

Isn’t “E3 Expo” redundant? That’s literally Electronic Entertainment Expo Expo

Well met, tsv! It even posted this observation in an appropriate thread. You’d think my respect for the bots would grow…

3 – attract love Is Lost -
Tried to post to “Sunday Soapbox: Where does Final Fantasy XIII fit now?

…but then “attract love” spews this nonsense in an irrelevant thread…

Gotta admit, I have been sort of interested in the female pheramone market. It’s rather entertaining, since we really are creatures underneath all the levels of logic and deduction. I could definitely regard it directions, since the raw attraction principles work surprisingly effectively to draw in the opposite sex.

What is this asshole even talking about? Not even close to close, buddy.

4 – Yer Toelke’s Favourite Game -
Tried to post to “Guest Sunday Soapbox: Matti’s Bad Breakup with Nintendo

my favorite game is Captain Blood ,I would like some suggestions for similar games thanks. I own a Xbox 360 Consolas.

I just wanted to post this because apparently Captain Blood does exist! And Yer Toelke, if you have a Xbox 360 Consolas, you might want to keep an eye on the new Captain Blood game!

5 – nude fat girls’ Advice -
Tried to post to “The Dust Has Settled: Day 2 – Ethos

No typo on that user name there.

3. Turn all the white “time squares” to blue in order to deactivate the Internet for those times.

Who knew? nude fat girl robots have the secret to deactivating the internet!

6 – Take Us Home, Shad Finona! -
Tried to post to “A Life Without Video Games

Read these wise words carefully.

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There’s nothing more I can say.

Except for:

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2 Responses to “Spam Comment Roundup #003”

  1. SiliconNooB says:

    HAHA, don’t be jealous of Olicaust, this is the best article on Riddlethos! I always love to hear from these crazy robots!

  2. Riddles says:


    I love it. Why the hell didn’t I come up with it first?

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