Welcome to Sexy Summer Week

Lowest. Common. Denominator.

Well, I guess we’re gonna keep up this seasonal theme week gig. It’s worked out pretty well so far, so why not keep whoring it, right?

So, that being said, I welcome you to Sexy Summer Week. Yes, hello, it is I, Oliver “Riddles” Motok. I still write for this site, as was evidenced by the, uh… three posts I came up with last week. My epic return ended up being not-so-epic, but it was a return nonetheless. And, to speak frankly, it felt damn good. I like this site. A lot, in fact; and I love writing for it.

In other words, you’re stuck with me, bitches.

Anyway. Sexy Summer Week. At this point, I’m sure you’re all wondering what the hell we’re going to do with this abstract and silly theme. The answer? Well, c’mon, you should know this by now.


Yeah, no, seriously, we’re doing another stupid countdown list. I’m sorry, but we’re not actually that bright, and we tend to fall back on familiarity/simplicity whenever we can.

But! If nothing else, this week should provide you with ample wank material, be you straight or gay. Why? Well, haven’t you guessed? It’s not just “Summer Week,” it’s SEXY Summer Week. Time to countdown the top five videogame characters who would look good in swimsuits. Or, to simplify, the five hottest hotties in the world of gaming.

Put on your sunglasses, slather some sunscreen, and grab a roll of toilet paper. It’s time to appeal to the lowest common denominator.


5 Responses to “Welcome to Sexy Summer Week”

  1. breaka666 says:

    ten bucks says Kuja’s gonna be on the list.

  2. SiliconNooB says:


  3. Ethos says:

    Kuja’s a pretty hot chick. Underboob is a NooB thing, NooB! We wouldn’t take that from you.

    And I thought we were doing two lists! I think Riddles and I need to talk today. Riddles!? Can you hear me? Meet me on AIM!

  4. SiliconNooB says:


  5. Ferchu says:

    god bless UNDERBOOB!

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