Where the Fuck Is My DSi Charger

I love this picture of me.

Man, I hate moving. And half-moving is even worse, because half of my shit is at my current residence – that being Dillon Lipinski’s spare bedroom – and the other half is in some cramped-ass storage unit. That means that if I’m missing something, I can’t guarantee that I’ll find it here – chances are that it’s sitting in some dusty corner in the aforementioned storage unit, being chewed on by spiders and stuff. Not a pleasant thought, especially when said missing item is my DSi charger.

Why am I looking for my DSi charger? Good question, especially since I haven’t touched my DS in months. The reason is that, with the impending release of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, I actually decided to give Kingdom Hearts: Dumb Name a try. Just to, y’know, get back in a Kingdom Hearts sort of mood. And also because I have an odd desire to play something on a portable system. It’ll probably be out of my system in a few hours, but whatever. In fact, I kinda hope it is, since I can’t find my charger and I doubt my DS has much juice left in it. Sigh.

In other news, in an attempt to get into the spirit of this “Scott Pilgrim” week, I’m currently downloading the comic book series. Yes, downloading. I’ve never pirated a comic series before. But there’s a first time for everything, and I have certain qualms about seeing a movie based on a comic series without first giving the source material a read. It’s the remnants of the once-quite-prominent comic book geek inside me.

Oh, and get this, not only is the comic series set in Toronto, but most of the movie was filmed there. I see Ethos’ game. This week isn’t a Scott Pilgrim week at all; it’s a thinly veiled hometown wank on his part. Clever, Ethos, clever.

Ethan has some breathing room for Scatter Storming now. He’d better come through, or else I’ll be forced to post more pointless crap like this to compensate. I’m going to play some Dumb Name and then read some Scott Pilgrim. Laters!

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3 Responses to “Where the Fuck Is My DSi Charger”

  1. SiliconNooB says:

    -I find that picture unnerving, you look the spitting image of my cousin.

    -Have you read the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comics? If not, I’d recommend you DL them, I think you’d get a kick out of them.

  2. 7thCircle says:

    Trying to read all the JTHM comics in one sitting is the best way I know to get a headache, but they are entertaining. I kinda prefer Squee!, as I think Vasquez is at his best when he’s tormenting children.

  3. DarthGibblet says:

    Dear sweet Christ, I haven’t read JTHM in FOREVER. I should really go back and do that, along with Vasquez’s more recent stuff (I Feel Sick was the last thing of his I finished). Honestly, I don’t remember much of Squee! other than the fact that I read it at some point. Maybe that should be higher on my list than re-reading JTHM.

    Anyway, I guess the gist of this is I whole-heartedly second SN’s statement (and 7ths, as well). Just be prepared for a lot of comic dismemberings (really, though, what else would you expect from the title?).

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