Welcome to Epic Mickey Week

The game is out!

I know this because Gamestop called me last night to remind me of my pre-order.

Also, apparently, the internet has this sort of information.

Anyway, this unfortunately is not a title that I secretly got early to surprise you all with a day one review, despite my interview with Warren Spector.

But luckily that means that I can provide impressions throughout the week about my experience!

I’m a little antsy to play more Sly and to dive into my PS3 version of Fallout 3, but that’s what the Christmas break is for. Playing games nonstop. Last year I wasted it on Dragon Quest VIII. But was it a waste? WAS IT?!?!

Anyway, I’ve gone on for about two paragraphs too long. Look forward to impressions at some point. Expect me to complain that I’m not getting trophies and that it’s not in HD.

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10 Responses to “Welcome to Epic Mickey Week”

  1. ConstipatedCow says:

    Why IS there no interview yet?

  2. Ethos says:

    It’s the first day of Epic Mickey Week, dorkwad!

  3. ConstipatedCow says:

    Are you gay? You have had it for like a month. Why didn’t you put it up months ago? I thought riddlethos prided itself on being “cutting-edge”. Obviously you all fail and you should cancel the website.

  4. Ethos says:

    Actually, for clarification’s sake, I have never actually HAD it. I DID the interview a while ago, but have never HAD it. The plan is to change that this week and put it up.

  5. ConstipatedCow says:

    You’re pathetic this site is pathetic I’ll never visit again…

    …execpt tomorroe :) I’m sleepy forgive the missepleiibng

  6. 7thCircle says:

    Maybe my brain blinked or I missed a post on it, but what’s the story behind PS3 Fallout 3? Didn’t you already try it on the 360 and decide it was too overwhelmingly awesome and masculine for you? Why are you starting over on PS3? Is it because it runs worse on the PS3, lowering the awesome, and you have to use a DualShock to play it, lowering the masculinity, and now you can handle it? I’m lost.

  7. Ethos says:

    I feel like I mentioned it!
    Anyhoo, I stopped playing because I SUCKED at it. Restarting (probably on easy) will give me the advantage of knowing what to expect (and the advantage of easy mode). Also, I’ll get trophies. Also, I won’t have to deal with waiting 24 hours for my 360 to warm up.

    That’s the actual time it takes to warm up, by the way. That wasn’t a trademarked Ethos Exaggeration.

  8. Erika says:

    I love the banner ♥

  9. SiliconNooB says:

    ^What Erika said. I like the contrast.

  10. Ethos says:

    Thanks! I was undecided with the way it turned out, so I’m glad you guys like it.

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