Welcome to Waggle Week

Well, not all my banners can be winners. Whatever, my last one rocked.

Welcome to Waggle Week, my friends. Gran Turismo 5 was delayed, so instead we’re going to “celebrate” the release of Microsoft’s Kinect by taking a look at the short and controversial history of mainstream motion gaming.

First I’m going to take a look at The Past. As a exclusively Nintendo fanboy, I was embarrassingly apologetic and optimistic for the Wiimote. I’m going to bite the bullet and draw on that experience to talk about the promise and hope that “The Revolution” brought to hardcore gaming.

Next, Riddles is going to tackle The Present state of gaming. With the recent release of Move and Kinect, and mountains of awful shovelware on the Wii with even first party titles tending to use motion as an after thought, the landscape of motion gaming is bleak and depressing. Riddles will detail the brutal present reality of motion controls.

Finally in this mini-series, both Riddles and I will look to The Future with predictions, hopes, and thoughts on what’s to come in terms of motion gaming and its influence on mainstream gaming.

To top it all off, Lameish will bring a lovely cadence to the week with a Sunday Soapbox with his take on waggle, and a Call Me Lameish on Monday.

Oh yes, you rotten bastards, Riddlethos is back.


5 Responses to “Welcome to Waggle Week”

  1. ConstipatedCow says:

    YES! A Call me Lameish on Monday! :D

    Prediction: Kinect will fail so miserable we will all be laughing (Microsoft doesn’t seem to “get it”); Sony will fail miserably too, but not as miserably. Nintendo succeeded because they came to terms with their casual and “kiddie” image, and released a [i]system[/i] that was made for everybody, not just a peripheral. Peripherals never do well. Ever. Furthermore, casual gamers who might have been interested in Kinect or Move already own a Wii and also already realized how quickly the novelty wears off. The casual people who have bought a Wii played it for a couple months, and now it sits there collecting dust. On top of that, Wii sold well because it’s cheap as ****.


  2. Ethos says:

    Just so you’re aware, the Playstation Move has been selling really well for Sony. Doesn’t mean it won’t fail in the long run, but it was a successful launch.

  3. ConstipatedCow says:

    Source? (Not that I don’t believe you… I do. But I want to see numbers)

  4. Ethos says:

    IGN Reported that they shipped 1 million units (I know that’s not sold), and that was soon after launch. And when I talked to the head of Sony Canada (or one of the head guys), he said it was selling better than expectations. And that was off camera.

  5. SiliconNooB says:

    1.5 million in Europe alone, last I heard.

    I really want to say that Kinect will fail for a certainty, but M$ seem to have done a comprehensive job of marketing it to retards, and the casual base of moronhood seem really enthused for its release. If you’ll recall, the Wii never worked well, and it ended up being put away in a lot of closets several months after purchase, but that was no impediment to success.

    The most significant drags to its success is the price, and the fact that everyone has a Wii. But unfortunately my prognosis remains the same, it will never have a healthy software market, but a shit-ton of people are going to buy it, play it, tell their friends about it, and then never touch it again …

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