Most Addictive Game 2010 – Lameish (Sort Of)

The Beast


(Yes, I know it came out last year, but consider this more of a personal outreach for sympathy rather than a real assertion of objective merit.)

A dear friend brought a great evil in to my house in the days leading up to Christmas. Its name was Borderlands and its hunger for our leisure time knew no earthly limits. All that kept our lives from being completely digested was our agreement to only play it together, whenever our respective schedules would allow. More accurately, it would of, had I not been LYING. I’m sorry, Jeffrey. It was clever in its malicious deception. It came in the guise of a colourful post apocalyptic shooter, complete with comprehensive customization options and an exciting visual style. What lay beneath was something infinitely more sinister, and when the fog was lifted and its true nature could finally be seen by the cruel morning’s light, it came at me with fangs blazing and bore me down to its acrid den, permitting me to emerge only once its abyssal appetites had been sated, a husk of the man I once was.

Did it come out last year? Yes.

Should it be filed under the best of 2010? Probably not.

But take head. Evil has little regard for something so trivial as chronological acuity.

Runner Up: Mass Effect 2

Borderlands swallows you up by dangling colourful treats in front of your nose, where as Mass Effect is more like the best bedtime story ever told. The latter beckons you onward with promises of dreamscapes populated by the fantastically intrepid and unprecedentedly strange, where as the former maintains the illusion of consistent and quantifiable self-improvement. Neither has any relevance beyond its own boundaries, but only one nourishes a beautiful sense of childish intrigue and relentless fascination for meticulously constructed fantasy worlds. Guess which one.


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3 Responses to “Most Addictive Game 2010 – Lameish (Sort Of)”

  1. SiliconNooB says:

    Your choice is invalid, sir.

  2. Ethos says:

    For $30 on the PSN, I’m very tempted to try this one…

  3. DarthGibblet says:

    @Ethos: It’s definitely worth playing, especially if you’ve got people to play with. Don’t expect much out of the ending, though :F

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