Ethos’ Confession #6:

I’ve never completed a Metal Gear Solid game. I played a number of hours of the original, watched a few hours of 3 and 4, and played the first section of 4. Not as bad as Riddles, but still…

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  1. evilpaul says:

    I never really played the NES original. I bought the Greatest Hits version of the PSX MG:Solid and I’ve only played the beginning mission and not gotten anywhere. Plus the D-pad stuff on analog stick controllers is annoying. Are the PS2 ones better? Because I seriously don’t see the appeal.

  2. SiliconNooB says:

    MGS3 is my third favourite game of all time, and is generally held to be a masterpiece (I really hope rumours of a HD collection were accurate).

    Peacewalker would be an absolutely phenomenal game if it weren’t for the fact that you must use the PSP’s face buttons to aim. I really hope that Sony release an ultimate version on the PSP2, which makes use of the second analog stick.

    MGS1 was incredible also, but I much prefer the GC remake Twin Snakes for the improved controls.

    MGS2 had its moments, but the story became a bit of a clusterfuck, and Raiden was a generally awful protagonist.

    MGS4 Was an appalling game, comprehensively bad through and through. The story was infantile, convoluted and cliche, and level design was schizophrenic with literally scores of ideas implemented and then abandoned. It was a game (and narrative) which tried to do way too much, and came across as being designed by an ADD kid …

  3. SiliconNooB says:

    *I really hope that KONAMI release an ultimate version for the PSP2.

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