Scatter Storming. Issue #048

See! What did I tell you? Another Scatter Storming.

Today I am quite tired and have a lot on my plate, so let’s go to.

Let’s Be Honest

As much as Riddles and I love this site and are committed to it, it’s obvious that content and enthusiasm has been down since the beginning.

The fact is that Riddlethos does not pay the bills and takes a tremendous amount to effort to keep afloat at the level that both Riddles and I aspire to.

This leaves feelings of frustration when we can’t produce content like we’d like and feelings of guilt when we take time to ourselves.

But the point is that we truly appreciate all our readers – the ones who comment and the ones who don’t – and while Riddlethos will have dips and dives in its content production, you guys are the reason we still even consider this little site as something worth working on.

Riddles and I plan to talk soon to rework a few things, and maybe it’ll mean officially diminished content, maybe it won’t, but all decisions will be made carefully and with the future success of the site in mind, even if that means darker days for a bit.

Sorry for the rant, but I wanted to touch base and let you all know that a lack of content does not equal a lack of love.


Pilot Wings Resort

Fuck the other games that came with my temporary 3DS unit, Pilot Wings is the shit. It has almost every good thing I remember about the 64 version while adding some good new things and removing most – but not all – of the annoying. You can blast through all the missions very quickly, but to master each one and get a perfect score in every level is a true challenge.

A challenge that’s actually not often seen in any game nowadays. It’s a clever move that Nintendo demonstrated with Mario Galaxy 2: the difficulty setting without a need for a difficulty setting.

It would be perfectly easy for a beginner player to toy around with the title and have some fun in the easier modes and the free flight and not get frustrated with the difficulty. An intermediate player would find challenge in unlocking all of the levels as a decent amount of skill is needed to do so.

A player of my experience with gaming and the series, however, can blast through and unlock all the levels, but will then have a very challenging and ultimately satisfying time with the game trying to get a perfect score on all the levels. It – very largely – takes skill and intimate knowledge of the intricacies of all the vehicles to do so. There will be no flukes to gain a perfect run.

Yes, very fun. But ugly.

However, all that praise being said, the game is actually a horrible showpiece for the new system. The graphics are bad. I saw what the launch software was capable of when I was in New York, and Pilot Wings Resort is ugly in comparison. There is no argument. It’s a stylistic choice I guess, but one in the same vein as Wii Sports, so I’m not going to defend it.

Also the 3D is bad. If I only had this game to go off of, I would say that the system’s 3D doesn’t really work that well. Now I’ve seen about a dozen other titles, so I know that Pilot Wings Resort is the exception, but it’s still a Nintendo first party launch title, so…

On the lowest level, it’s actually very pleasant. The effect is obvious, but not intense, and it can even be helpful for some of the jet pack missions. But crank the thing up and it all goes to shit. Unlike every other game that I’ve played for the system, when the slider is completely up – or even over the halfway point – there’s no way to properly focus. There is no sweet spot. The 3D just doesn’t work on max for Pilot Wings.

Anyhoo, there’s a solid preview for when I get the go ahead to write a review. (Psst, the go ahead will be once I see a review from IGN).

Other than that…

…I haven’t really been playing many games. I just haven’t been home. Dragon Age calls to me, but because it has turned out to be “just a fun game” and not really the sequel that Origins deserved, I haven’t been cutting into sleeping time to play it.

I have been playing Pokémon when I can, but I’m just on the grind now. I picked up a few Pokeymans that really suck now, but evolve late and will be worth the investment. I’m at the Elite Four, but haven’t properly challenged them yet. I’ll post my winning team when I finally do.

That’s all! I actually wrote more than I expected, so suck it.

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5 Responses to “Scatter Storming. Issue #048”

  1. 7thCircle says:

    -The 1 week schedule felt rushed and inadequate even when the site was a month old. Making themes last two weeks and making columns an every other week deal would help. In February I had a daily 30 minute status call that always lasted at least 45 minutes and the manager would apologize every day. Eventually I was like “You know, if you rescheduled this as a 60 minute call and we finished in 45 minutes, we’d always finish early and you wouldn’t feel guilty” and it was like I Blew. His. Mind. I had been going into the calls with the mindset that they would last 60 minutes for days, so it never bothered me when they went over 30. I read with… a similar mindset… and so I don’t think you need to apologize or feel guilty.

    -One of the worst, if not the worst, moments in my childhood happened the day I beat Pilotwings on the SNES. Just thinking about the series or seeing a screenshot makes a part of my brain shudder. I will never touch the series again.

    -Good to hear you’re one of the sane people when it comes to DA2. There’s a weird situation on the RPGamer staff where too many of them think it’s amazing. Even though I’m open to subjectivity and people having opinions, DA2 is weak in many ways compared to BioWare’s gems. You haven’t even finished it yet — the last act seems to be the part that frustrates people the most with its lack of awesome.

  2. SiliconNooB says:

    Just do what’s right for you, we don’t want you burning out.

    Have you thought about having some shortform regular features consisting of a pic and one or two short paragraphs? Y’know, something easy like XXXXXXXX of the day, or some such …

  3. Andogo says:

    @Ethos My courses are wrapping up in a couple of weeks. Ajisai?
    @Riddles Ajisai next time you’re in Toronto?

    Also, had a chance to play SSF4 on a demo unit a rep brought around to the store. That shit is awesome. But not $250 awesome. And it being Nintendo, I’m willing to bet they’re gonna release a new unit a year from now that address the battery problem. The rep said she didn’t run into any problems with it, and she’s running demos 8 hours a day. But this is with the wifi off and the screen brightness low.

  4. Ethos says:

    She’s lying. The battery is shit.

    You guys are awesome <3

    And sorry for bringing up childhood trauma, Glenn!

  5. Eric J says:

    You’re still a-okay in my book.

    Also, I pretty much only use Google Reader and come to comment when it strikes me, but I like when posts pop up in my feed, so take what you will from that.

    Lastly, “#blogging is a total waste of time if you view it as a chore/assignment. #fact” (that was a Tweet a friend of mine retweeted, and while it’s maybe not exactly what you’re feeling it’s true, so just do what you can do when you can do it and you won’t feel burned out or whatevs)

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