Best Riddlethos of 2010/2011 – Most Embarrassing for Riddles

This one is self explanatory. Let’s just dive in shall we?

Young Riddles

Finally an apt place to use this image.

In which Riddles wants to move to LA to play a demo of Final Fantasy XIII -


In which the “Riddles is a lazy fuck” tag has 15 entries -

It’s true. The “Riddles sucks” tag is pretty close to that too.

In which Riddles hilariously overrates a mediocre game -

I didn’t even read this review to give this an award here. If you think that’s unwarranted, just listen to this. He gave Bioshock 2 an 8.5. I never let him live it down. For a reason. The reason is that HE GAVE BIOSHOCK 2 AN 8.5!!

In which Ethos is embarrassed first -

This is a strange entry here because it seems like I’M the one getting embarrassed. And I am. Riddles posted the actual e-mail that I sent him verbatim, even using my e-mail subject line as the post title. But then the comments happen. And I am vindicated.

In which Riddles is swindled -

Umwat? What is this magazine peddling thing? I don’t remember this, but it’s definitely embarrassing for Riddles. Oh, and the comments are outstanding.

In which my collection of Riddles’ personal belongings grows -

Check the comments here. Riddles didn’t comment often, so when he did he was either really worked up or really embarrassed.

In which Riddles finally fails at Photoshop -

I FINALLY had a bad banner to hang over Riddles’ head and boy did I milk it. The comments are a good read.

In which Riddles admits to things we all suspected -

Gaming Confessions Week was a good idea. Not really enough to make it a “best of” Week, but a solid idea nonetheless. I thought I’d be the only one contributing, but Riddles crammed a bunch into this post. It’s rare for him – and therefore brave – but these were meant to be embarrassing, so it certainly qualifies for that too.

That’s it until the long-awaited Best of Lord Riddles post tomorrow!

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