Best Riddlethos of 2010/2011 – Theme Weeks

Here we go! More Best Riddlethos of 2010 Awards! Right on time!

Wait, what?

It’s 2012? Twenty-mother-fucking-twelve?

Well shit.

Riddles and I

Riddles (left) and Ethos (right) return from the dead to give out awards!

The important thing is that it’s 2 days before the beautiful and brooding Oliver “Riddles” Motok’s birthday. Therefore I am going to post some long-overdue awards leading up to the Best of Lord Riddles on the man’s birthday.

Today: Best Theme Weeks

Tomorrow August 19th (my birthday): Most Embarrassing for Riddles and Most Notable Quotes From Riddles

August 20th: Best of Lord Riddles

I TOLD you that you’d get it, you crazy-ass mother fucker.

Anyway, with more than twice as many weeks to choose from means that I chose 10 weeks instead of 5. Also, these are in chronological order, not “best of” order. Screw off.
(Click on the big teal words to go to that week. I link to the earlier page when applicable, because it’s better to read from the start.)

Bayonetta Faceoff Week

2010 started off with a bang, and wouldn’t you know it, it was mostly Riddles’ doing. The man came up with the concept, put in the legwork, and then actually wrote up the necessary articles. I admit, I didn’t expect him to do it.

Not only did he do it, but he did it with style. There were no corners cut and Riddles delivered interesting comparative content in a relevant time under an interesting premise. Oh yeah, there’s a full-fledged review in there too. Kudos.

Also, I talked about Darksiders.

JRPG Relapse Week

On a Riddlethos roll, JRPG Relapse Week had lots of thoughtful, amusing content. The site seemed to do the best when Riddles and I learned to strike a balance between insightful and personal with just the right dose of silly. JRPG Relapse Week did just that.

It was a weak start, but somehow Riddles and I pulled it together to deliver four pieces each, all of them supported by healthy play sessions with the games we were writing about.

Ethos and Riddles postop

Ethos and Riddles After the Operation

Final Fantasy XIII Week

The profound effect that the Final Fantasy series has had on both Riddles and I is very evident and the buzz around Final Fantasy XIII translated into a great week. Good impressions, a good editorial, the birth of IMpressions.

Not only that, but it was topped by one of my better reviews, if I do say so myself. Count in a lot of reader participation and this was a very successful week.

Ethos Presents: Pokémon Silver Madness Extraordinaire Week

This week marks the start of something of a Riddlethos Renaissance. Riddles and I constantly tortured ourselves over 2010 being a weaker year, but despite some dips in content, I would actually argue that it was unwarranted criticism. Our writing improved, our features and graphics improved, and we really got the hang of what worked for us.

My insane banner and constant PokéParty updates, Riddles review of two Blue Dragon games and also his God of War III review which publicly showcased one of the very rare times I got legitimately angry at Riddles made for a great week at our now defunct site. Also, that little God of War III spat ended up being a convenient springboard for our Fools in April Week…

Fools in April Week

This is now a legend in Riddlethos history. We knocked each other down, Riddles stole my 25th Scatter Storming, defamatory memes were created, there were pictures of dicks, there was an obituary, and I think I turned into a zombie at some point. Go revisit this gem of a week (which was, I should mention, Riddles’ idea).

The Final Fantasy Week

This is further proof that we worked in bursts at Riddlethos. Aprils Fools was a massive success and we just streamrolled into another great week, earning the third week in a row that I’m awarding a “Best Of”.

Sure, it was just an excuse to give out more awards and shove our fanboy opinions into the internet’s face, but it caused great debate and great content. And it happened in the face of technical issues as well.

Best of friends

Riddles (right) and Ethos (left) participate in their hourly hug

Spring Awakening Week

We kept returning to these non-weeks with ridiculous lists for a reason. They worked. Of course I wrote a list about cheery fun games while Riddles decided Spring would be best celebrated by listing his favourite depressing games. Oh, and posting pictures of springscapes. I may understand him more than most, but I still don’t get that guy.

Anyway, this happened only two weeks after The Final Fantasy Week. I’m telling you, this was the Riddlethos Renaissance.

Sexy Summer Week

It’s official. Seasonal weeks were the best weeks at Riddlethos.

After a dry spell, a Riddles hiatus and then a decent return for Riddles in Dragon Quest IX week, we turned up the heat with this ridiculous idea. Riddles and I shared countdown lists for both the sexiest men and women in gaming. The results are hilarious. Especially when it comes to vetos. Also, Riddles questioned his sexuality, I did nothing to downplay my flamboyant reputation, and …Joseph Gordon-Levitt made an appearance?

Waggle Week

It took a while for Riddlethos to get another theme week good enough to get one of these arbitrary awards. There was good content to be sure, particularly the addition of Lameish’s great videos, but it was never bunched together in a truly great cohesive manner again until Waggle Week.

We had articles detailing the then past, present, and future of motion controls. The articles were split up equally between Riddles and I and then we were all treated to a Sunday Soapbox from Lameish. Good analytical stuff and a healthy dose of making fun of me.

Handheld Gaming Week

This was sort of the swan song for Riddlethos, and the only week from 2011 to make the cut.

Like Waggle Week, Handheld Gaming Week looked at the past, present and future of handheld devices. But instead of choosing to look at it from an analytical all-encompassing industry angle, we went personal with it. It showed that Riddles and I still had a lot to reveal about our gaming habits and history. The week wasn’t really planned, but it ended up working better than anybody expected. The revisit is worth it for the resurgence into the Riddlethos of old soon before it fell into a deep slumber.

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