Okay, This Has To Happen

This is what Riddlethos thinks of me right now.

Sorry, but it does. Riddlethos has to come back. Just a little bit.

Not for you. God, no, not for you. Not even for Ethan “Ethos” Pipher, who comprises half of this site. But for me, and only for me.

Who am I? If you’re reading this, you already know: Oliver Motok, otherwise known as Riddles.

Two years. Two long years it’s been since I wrote a post in this hallowed Wordpress dashboard.

Almost four years since Ethan and I first launched this crazy little experiment.

Also, while we’re counting, this is the third time I’ve tried to resurrect the thing. ¬†Will I actually make a post this time? It’s impossible to tell, but god damn it I’m going to give it a try.

Why? Because it’s time. Because I need Riddlethos back. I need to write about what I love again, and I need to remember why I loved it.

It’s a transitional time in my life, friends. I’m in a new town with a new job and I’m trying my damn best to take hold of a new outlook, a new structuring of goals and priorities. I need to write again. And I’ve never been one for journals.

That’s not to say that I plan on making this some sort of personal feelings blog. This is Riddlethos, and I will bring appropriate content. And in doing so, I will fucking provide beautiful therapy to myself. At my pace. With no promises of regularity. Do you dig?

I frankly don’t care much if you do or don’t. Let’s talk about what the fuck I’ve been playing recently.

Assassin’s Creed III

I’ve invested a solid twenty-three hours into Ubisoft’s ginormous, beautiful action game, and I still can’t quite figure out my opinion on it. Games like Assassin’s Creed III are what make me miss writing reviews. Writing a review (obviously) requires one to sit down and hammer out something that resembles an authoritative opinion, which is something I personally would like to have for AC3. But I don’t. As I mentioned already, the game is huge and beautiful. It’s also buggy and crashy, constantly battling the constraints of the PS3. The story is great. Well-written dialog, a some truly memorable characters, and some great use of the historical setting. The missions that accompany said storyline? Not so much. The gameplay outside of the story missions is still a ton of fun – as evidenced by the hours I sunk into it – but the more I play, the more it feels that my “open ended” gameplay experience is, in many ways, on rails. And that feeling disturbs me.

I know I liked Assassin’s Creed III. I fired it up today for the first time since I beat the game, because I frankly missed it. And yet, even upon going back, I got the strange feeling that something was wrong. Something is missing from Assassin’s Creed III. For all the steps forward it takes, it left me far less satisfied than Assassin’s Creed II, and even Brotherhood.

Ni No Kuni

Anything I say about Ni No Kuni at this point will be quite redundant. I’m classically late to the show and struggling to keep up, with a meager 14 hours on my playclock as of now. All I want to say is, good god, where have games like this been for the past six years? Let’s pray to whatever gods we serve that Ni No Kuni sells well in North America, because if it doesn’t, we may have the extremely ironic death of the big-budget traditional JRPG on our hands.

(Extremely ironic because Ni No Kuni is fucking amazing and it would suck if its poor sales signed the death knell for games of its like in the future.)

Uhm… Black Ops II

Yeah, whatever. Truth be told I’ve hardly played any Black Ops II. I’ve had a few fun afternoons with the online multiplayer, and I haven’t even touched the campaign. Worst of all, though, I’ve found the new Zombies mode to be a slight disappointment. And Zombies was the main reason I bought the game.

That being said, I still bought the fifteen dollar map pack they finally released on PSN yesterday. Why? For the one new Zombies map, in hope that it would be an improvement. And y’know what? It is. Die Rise is fun. It’s a big, complex standalone map that will clearly take time to master.


That’s enough for now. I’ll be back. Perhaps with something more substantial, perhaps with something even less. Or perhaps something with the precise same level of substantiality.

Is that a word? Is “substantiality” a word? Because Wordpress doesn’t think so, and I might be inclined the agree.

Than again, Wordpress doesn’t even think “wordpress” is a word, so how trustworthy can it be? Right? It doesn’t even know it’s own fucking name.

Right. I’m out. For now.



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  1. kiryen says:

    “Substantiality” is a word. But in your case, you can just use “substance”. Also, WordPress failed to catch two typos in the paragraph where you’re dissing it. So obviously, it’s actively trying to sabotage your efforts. Hurray!

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