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by Ethos

Best Riddlethos of 2009 – Scatter Storming

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
The eternally clueless Johnny Pipes.

The eternally clueless Johnny Pipes.

A popular joke between me and my happy-go-lucky partner Ethos states that Scatter Storming can suck and still be good.

And it’s kinda true, because it’s hard to tell exactly when it sucks and when it doesn’t. It’s essentially a text dump of Ethan’s sick, sick mind, edited for your reading pleasure. That being the case, it’s essentially the same thing every time… but his thoughts tend to differ from week to week. Which is good. Keeps things fresh and whatnot.

Anyway, he’s only written 14 of these things, so I’m only going to pick three of them. But believe me, they’re all worth a second look:

Scatter Storming Issue #010 “10th Issue Extravaganza!!!”

The first thing you’ll notice is that Scatter Storming #10 has the worst cover in the short, short history of the series. However, once you get past that glaring defect, you’ll find an entertaining stream of thought inside that manages to include both Nate Liles, and no less than four screenshots defiled with MS Paint. Actually, they’re some of Ethos’ best MS paintjobs ever, in my opinion. And Nate Liles just makes everything awesome.

Scatter Storming Issue #13 “Like Father Like Son”

This cover is significantly better. It even has Ethan’s dad on it! Anyway, I chose this one pretty much because of the second “story,” in which Ethan skillfully guides us through a notably epic evening of his. Well maybe “epic” is a bit of a stretch, but it’s certainly entertaining, especially to fellow gamers. That’s why I love Scatter Storming: it’s a trip straight into the mind of our odd little friend Ethan. It’s occasionally scary, occasionally funny, but always entertaining.

Scatter Storming Issue #8 “Toon Issue”

Take away Ethan’s sleepy-time, and what will happen? Apparently, he’ll write shit like this. Step into the mind of a sleepy Ethos for the wackiest issue of Scatter Storming ever written. Everything is spot-on, from the hilarious opening to the profanity-laden Wind Waker monologue to the comments about my mom.


Ah, never mind. It’s all hilarious. Kinda makes me wish he’d do it again. But then again, I suppose the boy does need his sleep.

So there they are. Look for Scatter Storming to resume next week, and check back soon for more Best of Riddlethos awards. I assure you they’ll be awesome.

Best Riddlethos of 2009 – Hey! Look! Listen!

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Just as annoying as Navi!

Just as annoying as Navi!

Well folks, I was supposed to put together a list of the top 3 Hey! Look! Listens! of last year. But with over 30 to choose from, I had to up the list to five. Sooo…woo-hoo?

While loyal reader, Darth Gibblet’s suggestion of choosing only my own guest entries was a very tempting idea, this is about honouring that Murfreesboronian Asshole. So here goes.

5 – Hey! Look! Listen! #13
This was the first HLL starring the official banner! Exciting stuff, right? Maybe not. Well otherwise this issue shows off Riddles’ skeptical vicious side when approaching the Metroid Prime/Citizen Kane thing, his wacky side with whatever that last story is about, and one of his better openings with a bizarre blast to the British Office.

4 – Hey! Look! Listen! The Gamescon 2009 Edition
I’m only including this one because Riddles gets way too excited about his impending birthday. It’s a little cute.

3 – Hey! Look! Listen!
Yup! The original. The one that started it all! This is great because although it might showcase humble beginnings, it also features funny and stupid headlines, Arkham Asylum news while it was still far off in the distance, and even Riddles stating that it might be a one-off post. HOW DROLL!

2 – Hey! Look! Listen! #22
This one was great. Riddles’ energy is non-stop, and the sincerity is riding just as high. Plus, there’s an IM conversation between he and I, a rare (and hilarious) MS Paint masterpiece, and pure Riddles editorial throughout. Y’know, the kind in which he starts out as if he’s being objective, but then plows you in the face with his not-so-secretly emotional opinions? That’s why we love the bastard!

1 – Hey! Look! Listen! #6
One word: PS3FTW

I love us!

Monday, January 4th, 2010
team riddlethos

The shirt SHOULD say that!

That might be a subtle reference to movie of the year, 500 Days of Summer, but it’s largely just accurate. I adore this site. Mostly because of my narcissism, sure, but also because of the personality that has evolved from those first silly starting days in Murfreesboro: City of Dreams.

This week will see Riddles and I largely post stuff that we liked the best from the OTHER person. Therefore I’ll post the top three Hey! Look! Listens! and he’ll post the top three Scatter Stormings. Things like that.

Basically, it’s a big jerk-off. But hey, that’s what this site is anyway, right? Shrouded in a thin layer of video game related talk.

Anyway. I had a long day, and I need to sleep. Look forward to the Best In Narcissism to come!

Welcome to Best Riddlethos of 2009 Week

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Four days into 2010, and I still haven’t seen the difference. Not that I expected one, necessarily. It’s just a nice thought that a new year will magically bring about some sort of change.

But then again, not everything needs to change, now does it? 2009 had its brighter points, and the conception of Riddlethos was certainly one of them. So join us, won’t you, as we count down the finest moments Riddlethos.com had in the year 2009.

To be perfectly frank, I’m not entirely clear how we’re going to do it at this point. But I’ll be discussing it with Ethos in due time. We’ll come up with something fun. Something gimmicky. A countdown list, even? We’ve never done that before, after all.

At this moment in time, neither you or I know how this week will go down. Stay tuned, Riddlethosians.