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Ethos and Riddles talk about video games...
            Can you handle it?
by Ethos

News Roundup #008 – October 5, 2009: “Tit-Fucking Amazing”

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Fun Roundup this week! Riddles and Ethos talk the news and even dive into a bit of Riddles’ work drama!

Soak up what you can because Riddlethos is considering putting the News Roundup feature on hiatus. Let us know what you think. Do you like the Roundup? Would you be glad to see it go? Don’t care either way? Let us know in the comments below or by e-mailing feedback@riddlethos.com.

Ethos: Alrights!
Ethos: Wanna know stories beforehand?
Riddles: Nah
Riddles: Just HIT ME, brudda
***Ethos clocks Riddles
Riddles: That is NOT what I meant
Riddles: But thank you
Ethos: Anytime!
Ethos: Okayokay
Ethos: Lemme choose the first one.
Ethos: PSP Go released. Was that this week? I feel like this has been beaten to death.
Riddles: Haha
Riddles: Yeah, that was this week
Riddles: And… I don’t think many people care.
Riddles: I certainly don’t
Ethos: Yeah. Drop the price, please.
Ethos: If even I don’t want it because of the price, there’s a problem.
Riddles: It’s ridiculous
Riddles: for $50 extra, you could buy a PS3
Ethos: Yup.
Ethos: And no Dissidia or Crisis Core yet.
Ethos: No thank you.
Riddles: Yeah, I’m not interested until it comes waaaay down
Ethos: Yup!
Riddles: I respect the Go because I think it DOES represent the future of handhelds
Riddles: but this is a very poorly executed first step
Ethos: Agreed. That’s the way I want to go, but I agree.
Ethos: So, like I said…beaten to death
Ethos: And YOU have a movie to get to
Riddles: Indeed.
Ethos: Scratch that
Ethos: TWO movies
Riddles: Toy Story 1+2 in IMAX 3-D!
***Riddles glees
Ethos: Readers: Riddles is very impressed with technology in his run-down archaic state.
Riddles: No, I just like Toy Story
Ethos: Toy Story IS amazing
Ethos: Moving on
Ethos: Speaking-ish of Squeenix:
Ethos: 2-3 new big projects for the developer?
Ethos: They want more huge franchises on par with FF and DQ
Ethos: And plan to release one every quarter
Ethos: Each one selling 2 million
Ethos: Right…
Ethos: They have yet to prove themselves this generation, really.
Riddles: Agreed.
Riddles: They’re trying desperately to cut into the Western market with new franchises
Riddles: and so far they’ve fallen on their faces
Ethos: FFXIII is their last hope
Riddles: Yeah it is.
Riddles: And I certainly hope they’re not counting NIER among these three big franchises
Riddles: because that game looks like a pile of shit
Riddles: A pile of derivative shit at that
Ethos: Well the story implies that none have really been announced yet.
Riddles: True
Riddles: Ah well, Nier still looks like shit
Ethos: I don’t know about it.
Ethos: And it seems like I should be glad for it.
Riddles: Maybe it’ll surprise us.
Riddles: Moving on?
Ethos: Yez
Ethos: Just when we thought they confirmed NO Natal in Fable, Peter makes sure to make this game look less appealing all the time.
Ethos: I mean, it sounded bad enough when the premise was “Fable III: Politics Edition”, but now pretty much confirmed Natal support?
Ethos: Boo.
Riddles: BAH
Riddles: Bah
Riddles: and bah
Ethos: Agreed!
Ethos: Moving on?
Riddles: Let me just say
Riddles: Motion Control is NOT the new multiplayer
Riddles: It doesn’t need to be in Fable III
Riddles: it doesn’t need to be anywhere
Riddles: EVER
Riddles: Moving on!
Ethos: Well, I don’t entirely agree. But I DO agree that it doesn’t need to be in Fable, and that it is sounding like a REALLY bad game.
Ethos: Next up:
Ethos: “Oliver Motok is always down for a good screaming match.” – This is Riddles’ current Facebook status. Explain.
Riddles: Bahhahahahaha
Riddles: I told you I was at work, remember?
Riddles: Drove there on my fucking day off
Riddles: To speak with the owners about some… issues.
Riddles: Gotta love working in a non-corporate small business
Riddles: And that’s all that needs to be said!
Riddles: I am still employed
Ethos: Oh!
Ethos: I was about to say “this is getting good”
Ethos: No details?
Riddles: None that would be entertaining.
Ethos: You need a new job.
Riddles: I do need a new job.
Riddles: I need a fresh start, Ethos
Riddles: A fresh start
Ethos: I know, mang.
Ethos: It does wonders
Ethos: Moving on?
Riddles: Yez
Riddles: moving on
Ethos: Alrighty
Ethos: ODST outperformed expectations…somehow
Ethos: What WERE their expectations? It’s fucking Halo.
Riddles: …good question.
Ethos: Even I was interested, and I don’t really care about Halo
Riddles: Same here!
Ethos: Seemed like a decent campaign for once.
Ethos: I had been following coverage on IGN, and it just seemed different in a good way.
Riddles: Actually, after reading Nate’s review on Lusipurr.com, I was genuinely intrigued.
Riddles: He compares the game’s setting and atmosphere to neo-noir stuff like Blade Runner, which instantly makes it appealing to me.
Riddles: And I’ve NEVER been able to get into Halo
Riddles: It looks like a genuinely well-made shooter, not just a cheap expansion pack
Ethos: Yup.
Ethos: I’ve appreciated Halo, but never been personally interested until now.
Riddles: So yeah, I’m not surprised it’s selling well.
Ethos: Meeee neither.
Ethos: I might eventually get it.
Ethos: I want it.
Ethos: But I just got a new place.
Riddles: That is true!
Ethos: So I’m unable to instantly buy all the games I want as soon as I wanted.
Ethos: ODST and NHL10 will have to wait!
Ethos: Not Brutal Legend, however
Ethos: one last story
Ethos: And we’ll have nothing to say about it.
Ethos: Wii Fit Plus out. Same thing. Cheaper than a gym membership.
Riddles: And… we’re dignifying this with coverage… because?
Ethos: It’s a big game.
Riddles: Yeah, but it’s Wii Fit.
Ethos: I don’t think Wii Fit is the worst.
Ethos: It’s not a gamer’s game
Ethos: But it does what it does well.
Riddles: WHAT IT DOES is the problem
Riddles: What it REPRESENTS
Ethos: Oh sure.
Ethos: But isolate it from all that.
Ethos: I like it.
Ethos: Ninty’s already far gone
Ethos: So just embrace what is there.
Riddles: Request denied.
Ethos: Bah-ha ha
Ethos: No surprise.
Ethos: Alright.
Riddles: Alright!
Ethos: You need to go see awesome movies!
Riddles: I DO
Riddles: What’s our new ending phrase again?
Ethos: It’s the full name of King Tut
Riddles: Ummm
Ethos: …which I don’t remember
Riddles: um
Riddles: um
Riddles: um
Ethos: C’MON!
Riddles: Tutenkahmen?

Outtake of the Week:

Riddles: Before I go:
Riddles: That is all
Ethos: You didn’t see this?
Ethos: There was concept art
Ethos: It looks AMAZING
Riddles: Craziness.
Ethos: Don’t know why it’s a Wii game
Ethos: But it looks to be tit-fucking amazing
Riddles: I’ll have to read more about it later
Riddles: Gots to go!
Ethos: Yup!
Ethos: Much love
Ethos: _e
Riddles: ~riddles