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by Ethos

A Maiden Voyage.

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Don’t panic.

My name is Lameish, and this the flagship episode of my new editorial series, “Call Me Lameish”.

Riddles and Ethos are still very much in charge, but in the din of this website’s deafening, un-seen machinations, it has become necessary to employ a number of subservient underlings in order to facilitate the sating of your ever-swelling appetites. I am the most recent twittering (strictly in the archaic sense) homunculus to have entered their employ.

We hope you will enjoy.


Hey! Look! Listen!#62 – All the Lonely People

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Well hello there, and welcome to the sixty-second edition of this barely viable news column, Hey! Look! Listen! I’m your host Oliver “Riddles” Motok, and for those of you are who wondering, yes, the title above is a reference to the classic Beatles song “Eleanor Rigby.” I *do* so love The Beatles, y’see.

On that note, (ha) I watched a documentary the other day simply called Imagine: John Lennon. For those of you who appreciate The Beatles, their music, and their history as much as I do, it’s a must-see. Buy it, download it, or Netflix it. (That’s what I did. Netflix instant streaming ftw.)

Hm. In other news, I saw Of Montreal play Nashville the other night. Great show, but man was it a terrible date.

And now that I’ve thoroughly bored you, it’s time to move on the the actual topics of interest.

Just pretend the DS is a Wiimote

Nintendo Finally Combines Wii Plus with Remote

HEY! – Why I care: Well, it’s about damn time. It’s absurd that Nintendo didn’t have this technology in place when the Wii was released four years ago.

LOOK! – Why You Care: Because we all enjoy opportunities to throw stones at the big N these days. Because they suck.

LISTEN! Like I said, it’s absurd enough that Nintendo didn’t have this available in the first place, and it’s even more absurd that they released the technology as a fucking add-on peripheral. Come on, Nintendo. Remember when Sony left the rumble functionality out of launch PS3 controllers? Remember how much people panned them for that shit? And that was just for the stupid rumble. (Kotaku)

Zombies Return to Call of Duty: Black Ops

HEY! – Why I Care: I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of the time I’ve spent with Treyarch’s Call of Duty: World at War has been in the Nazi Zombies survival mode. I don’t know what’s so appealing about teaming up with a buddy and fending off wave after wave of shuffling undead German scum, but whatever the reason, it’s cost me many hours of my life. So, naturally, I’m pretty excited to hear that they’re bringing back the zombies for Black Ops

LOOK! – Why You Care: Uh, because zombies are awesome, regardless of context? Because even people who never played a moment of World at War’s campaign or multiplayer modes are familiar with Nazi Zombies? And because this is just another game mode added onto the already impressive array that Black Ops features.

LISTEN! This was actually more or less confirmed a few months ago, when Activision let slip that the Prestige and Hardened editions of Black Ops would feature four updated maps from World at War. (Those maps, of course, being the four Nazi Zombie maps.) In any case, it’s been confirmed for realz now. Treyarch boss Mark Lamia had this to say:

“We’ve taken extra special care to retain the essential ingredients of our Zombie game, and have also crafted a nice surprise for the fans.”

Woo. I can’t wait to see what the nice surprise is!

Seriously, though, Zombies are teh great. (IGN)

3DS Launches in Japan February  26, Costs $300

HEY! – Why I Care: Admittedly, I’ve been kinda sold on the 3DS since the announcement of an Ocarina of Time remake. Well, “sold” might be a bit over-the-top, but it looks like a unique device with a surprisingly strong lineup of games in the works. It’s definitely something I’ll want at some point.

LOOK! – Why You Care: It’s the next Nintendo handheld. It’s sort of a big deal, seeing that they continue to largely dominate the handheld gaming race. The 3DS will be the first system to offer an exclusively 3D experience – without glasses, at that. It’s uncharacteristic of Nintendo to embrace cutting-edge technologies in such a way, and I find that intriguing.

LISTEN! Nintendo recently held a press conference in Tokyo where they finally blew the lid off of the 3DS. It’ll hit Japan on February 26, 2011, it will be available in “Aqua Blue” and “Cosmos Black,” it’ll have it’s own Virtual Console with Gameboy games, and supposedly it’ll have television programming. Oh, and it’ll cost 25,000 yen – the equivalent of 298 USD.

Now, granted, this doesn’t mean it’ll cost $300 when it hits the states. Nintendo hasn’t given a price or specific release date for us yet; supposedly sometime in March.

I really hope it doesn’t cost $300. That would be ridiculous. But frankly, it doesn’t matter much to me, because I make it a rule to wait for at least one re-design before I purchase any Nintendo handheld. It’s a generally rewarding practice. (Kotaku)

Speaking of the 3DS: See Footage of Almost Every 3DS Game

Or at least the ones that matter. Seriously, it’s worth watching. Resident Evil looks amazing. And Zelda doesn’t look half bad either.

Okay. That’s enough. I started writing this almost 36 hours ago. But then I had work, and then getting utilities turned on for my new apartment, and tomorrow I’m moving. That’s right. So, uh. You probably won’t see me for the rest of this week. Unless I can steal internets from some new neighbors.

‘Till then, Riddlethosians!


Scatter Storming. Issue #039

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

It’s about time this shit came back. If you’ll notice, the logo for Scatter Storming still reads “Gaming Rambles”. Riddlethos’ slow changes don’t seek to replace our content but rather add to it. Anyway, our little behind the scenes week made me miss rambling about DeathSpank, so how about I do that!

DeathSpank! -
When did I become such a massive fan of this series? I was mildly interesting in playing the demo, then I tried the demo, liked it enough to consider buying it, and then BAMMO! I’m the biggest fan of the Diablo meets Monkey Island action RPG series. I have already bought and completed (with 100% trophies) the sequel, and now I realize I’ve been spoiled. With two titles in two months, I now expect my constant hunger for DeathSpank to be filled.

That being said, I didn’t love the second game quite as much as the original. It actually started off stronger and funnier, but in the end, it somehow got a bit too wrapped up in the ridiculous story. I mean, it’s still hilarious to defeat evil Santa in order to steal his corrupt thong, but the payoff didn’t feel the same. It also could have been because I hit the level cap in good time before beating the game and that took some of the satisfaction out of it.

In the original, I had to spend a while killing unicorns before I could reach level 20, and with Thongs of Virtue, it seems like just doing all the sidequests is more than enough to bring DeathSpank to max. I suppose these things are more difficult to balance in a bigger game (because Thongs of Virtue is bigger), but it was still disappointing.

But this is all relative! The game is still fun as all fuck, hilarious as all fuck, and my new favourite franchise. Nathan Drake, eat your heart out.

Playstation Plus -
Yeah, I got it. I’m not going to defend myself on this one. So far I’ve downloaded Mushroom Wars for free (or subscription-long rental), and beat that. That was fun. Did the same with Zen Pinball, but didn’t care nearly as much. I’m going to pay more attention to how many things will be discounted that I would have bought anyway.

Also, I guess the early God of War demo for PSP would have been cool if I cared about that series.

Speaking of Playstation… -
Looks like I’ll be going to a Sony event early next week. I’ll be there for work, so I imagine most of my time will be spent doing interviews, but I’ll try to play as many games as possible. After all, I expect Infamous 2 and LittleBigPlanet 2 to be there at the very least.

Professor Layton -
Did I talk about this game? I feel like it’s been so long, friends! I beat Unwound Future and fucking adored it. The biggest problem was that at the ending, I was actually so into the story, that I just used all my hint coins to zoom past the puzzles. In retrospect, that seems counter-intuitive to the point of the game. Oh well.

That’s all for now. Like I just said, I feel like it’s been forever, so it’s time to catch up, guys! There’s been 3DS news, so I’m sure I’ll get to that on Friday. I also want to write a Modern Family premiere review at the very least. Also, keep your eyes peeled for that Monday feature that Riddles’ pitched. I think you guys will approve.

Welcome to Premiere Week

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

He will be missed.

And we’re back!

As you can see, things still look more or less the same around here. As Ethos said last week, a site redesign is in the cards – but it’s a ways off. It’s something I’m going to attempt on my own, so it will be… a learning experience, to say the very least.

So, at this point, you’re probably wondering where all these “changes” we promised are. Well, to begin, perhaps you’ve noticed all of the TV characters in the banner above. That’s because we’ve added TV to our topics of general interest here at Riddlethos.com. I mean, we had to expand at some point, and TV seems like a natural path to take, seeing that Ethan and I spend more time talking about TV than games anyway. (Not necessarily on the site, but in personal conversation.) Last week marked the premiere of most major network TV programs, and so Premiere Week will not only celebrate the new Riddlethos, but also a new season of glorious, side-splitting television.

However, that is not all. Hell, if it was all, you’d probably feel kinda cheated, right? A week of ugly yellow only to find that we’d decided to start talking about TV shows? That would indeed be cheap, but luckily for you, we’re better than that. This weekend will mark the premiere (there’s that word again!) of a brand-new feature for Riddlethos.com.

And that’s not all. The brand-new feature will be brought to you by… a brand-new person. As in, someone who is neither Riddles nor Ethos.

I won’t reveal more at this time, but suffice to say, you have something to look forward to. So let’s kick back, relax, enjoy some good television, and then talk about it. Eh?