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by Ethos

Scatter Storming. Issue #047

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Okay, crazy weekend over. I’ve still got a crazy week ahead, but I’ve at least got a small amount of downtime right now. And with that downtime, am I going to play Dragon Age II? Am I going to practice my horrible StarCraft II? Am I going to play more Pokémon: Smugleaf Edition?

NO! I am going to write a Scatter Storming for my beautiful readers.

Edit: Turns out that I DID play DAII and Pokémon after a while. Most of this Scatter Storming was written Sunday night, and the cover is lackluster. Deal with it.

Last night

So because I couldn’t keep the ball rolling with daily content for you over the weekend, I might as well fill you in on some of the happenings.

Yesterday, my extremely talented younger brother performed in a production of Bye Bye Birdie which was far more bearable than I ever expected it to be. Of course, Jordan was fantastic, but afterward was the most interesting part of the night.

It was also my grandmother’s 70th birthday. I had gone with her and my mother to a tame sushi dinner earlier in the day, but after the show a few of us decided to go to a bar.

“A few of us” consisting of my sister, my father, my mother, my mother’s husband, and my grandmother. Amazing. Didn’t ever picture that scenario materializing. Anyway, video games exist.

Cooling off on Dragon Age 2

We’ll talk far more in detail about this when we start Dragon Age 2 Week, but after 10 hours, I’m not as gung-ho about it as I first was.

I mean, not the battle system. That’s still awesome. The complaints about it (at least in terms of the PS3 version) are a little ridiculous. It’s straight-up an improvement. Still has all the abilities and capabilities to delegate to your party, but now it runs better and faster and it’s more visually appealing. Also, now it rocks to be a mage.

Still, maybe I’m playing it wrong, but so far it really just seems to be Kirkwall: The Game. There’s no sense of impending doom, no sense of a giant world to traverse, no sense of darkness and medieval fucked-upness like there was was in the original.

I’m also annoyed that I can’t start a full-on conversation with my party at any point. I know that they rarely updated, but it still feels like a step back. And having to traverse to individual houses to progress relationships? I know that the loading times are better, but I miss a general camp. And it’s not like loading times are THAT much better. Saving just doesn’t pause the game anymore.


I wanted to review Mr. Sunshine because it wasn’t as good, and I wanted to review Modern Family because it had its first truly excellent episode of the season, but I didn’t. And now I’m behind in TV. That’s what happens when I stop becoming a hermit for a few days and work more on the weekends. Ta-da!

PokéParty Update 04 – Smugleaf Edition

Monday, March 14th, 2011

My (fairly short) Scatter Storming is basically finished, but since I’m at work and can’t photoshop the cover from here, I thought I’d do a party update. Especially because EVERY POKÉMON IS DIFFERENT! Well, mostly, but the only ones that are the same have evolved. Let’s go!

Fraxure lvl 40 – This one is a little weird to have in my party because I know I’m going to replace it with a Dark/Dragon-type that you can find in Victory Road.

This guy is just a regular Dragon-type, and he’s suitably strong, but he’s just biding his time until I encounter that aforementioned badass.

I’m a little annoyed that I spoiled said badass’ final evolution, but it did confirm that the guy is a certified monster beast. And it’s Dragon/Dark. I already mentioned that, but it’s worth mentioning again. Especially because I ended up begrudgingly getting rid of my super-powerful Crocodile thing, even after it evolved. Too many good Pokémon. Speaking of…

Jellicent lvl 40 – I have to admit, I’m disappointed in how this guy evolved. He just did and his previous form was a lot cooler-looking.

This picture isn’t even accurate because I have the male version, but it leaves the same impact: “meh”.

However, I can’t imagine this dude is going anywhere, despite not loving the design anymore. Its base stats may very well be the weakest in my party, but it truly doesn’t matter. Jellicent is a Ghost/Water-type and that’s all I need to say. What a killer combination. Only weak to 4 types, but resistant to 5 types, immune to 2 types, and because of its ability it absorbs Water-type moves. So. Good.

Victini lvl 40 – I always feel a little uneasy about using Legendary Pokémon or ones that are only available through special offers or for a limited time, so in normal situations, I wouldn’t even consider Victini.

However, Victini is adorable, I can’t find any other good Fire-types for the life of me, and it’s a dual Psychic/Fire-type, so the positives have added up to making this exception.

It’s tiny, but super-potent and super-adorable. I’m not necessarily opposed to swapping it out if I find a cool Fire-type on my own, but I feel like I’m too spoiled by its power for now.

Unfezant lvl 41 – Once again, this picture is inaccurate. I have the male-version which I prefer. Either way, both final forms are the best yet for this bizarre Pokémon set, and I’m glad that Game Freak decided to switch it up a little from the Pidgey/Starly formula.

Still, I want this guy out. I would have loved to get rid of my Unfezant before my ultra-badass Krookodile, but I’m held down by Fly. I need that move. A Flying-type is nice against Fighting, but I have Victini for that, so if I could teach Fly to ANYONE else in my party, Unfezant would be gone before you could say “simultaneously regal and ugly”.

I also haven’t come across any other Flying-types that I’m interested in enough to replace Unfezant with, so we’ll see. I’m just waiting for a chance to boot him out, despite the fact that he’s actually pretty powerful.

Cobalion lvl 42 – Yes, I just said that I rarely use Legendary Pokémon, but my first playthrough is a small exception, and the three Legendary in this game are sweet!

I mean, just look at this dude. You can tell it kicks ass, but at the same time, you’d totally invite it over to watch the game or have an Arrested Development marathon. Then afterward, you’d hop on its back and you’d run through a meadow laughing like the best of friends.

Plus, it’s a Fighting/Steel-type. Win.

I actually haven’t had a big chance to use it in battle yet because of my OCD leveling habits – I caught it at level 42 – but I’m excited to.

I actually also caught the Fighting/Grass-type version of this guy, and it is even cooler. But I just resisted because I couldn’t make a redundancy on…

Smugleaf lvl 41 – That’s right, assholes. Smugleaf has evolved again, and it is eating your soul. Smugleaf one-hits your Pokémon, absorbs your health, and embarrasses your party.

Smugleaf will coil its new dragon-body around you and slowly squeeze until you can feel your guts spilling out of your pores. Smugleaf will take that opportunity to inject painful poison into what’s left of your blood to make sure you know nothing but agony as it slowly and meticulously drains the life from you.

Smugleaf’s alternate name, Serperior, is actually pretty decent too. That’s because Smugleaf can do no wrong.

Don’t expect this party to change too much beyond the things I already mentioned. But you never know…

Busy weekend

Friday, March 11th, 2011

I know I’ve been on a roll and it’s Smugleaf Week, but I’ve got a pretty packed weekend planned. I’ll try to get some PokéParty Updates going, but it won’t be the barrage you were just treated to. Or probably not.

Current crisis: Do I get rid of Smugleaf or Zebstrika to make room for a Water/Ghost-type? I’m serious. And those two are my favourite two in my party. They’re just single-types that are both good against Water, so I need to cut out the redundancy. It’s killing me.  Thoughts?