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Ethos and Riddles talk about video games...
            Can you handle it?
by Ethos


-What are theme weeks?
Theme weeks are what Riddlethos.com revolves around. No matter what is on our minds, it will all come back to the theme of the week.

-Why are theme weeks?
Not only do we need focus here at Riddlethos.com, but theme weeks also (hopefully) give our readers something to look forward to.

-Can I suggest theme weeks?
You sure can. Although don’t get your hopes up. We’ll look at suggestions, but there’s zero guarantee we’ll ever use one. But if you want to gamble, make a suggestion in the comments. We read those.

-Will you ever repeat theme weeks?
You bet. Just take “We’ll do whatever the hell we want” as a common rule for the site.

-When is the Hey! Look! Listen! news feature updated?

-When is the Tingle! Tingle! Kooloo-Limpah! news feature updated?

-When is the Call Me Lameish video feature updated?

-When is the Scatter Storming nonsense feature updated?
Wednesday. Or maybe Thursday. Fucked if I know.

-Who designed the site, and who made the banner?
A fine and talented gentleman named Charlie Weingartner designed the site, but the theme week banners are drawn by many different artists. If you really like the current banner, you can look right underneath it for the artist’s name. Try clicking on it! Sometimes it will link to their website or e-mail address.

-Can I draw a banner?
Maybe! Send us a few examples of your work, although we can’t promise anything. Just e-mail Ethos personally: ethan@the5thwall.com

-How do you guys know each other?
Do you want the real story or the fake story? Both are pretty boring.

-Why are you qualified to have a website and present your opinions to the world?
We’re not, but unlike every other form of media in the world, the Internet has no means of filtering out crap like us. Deal with it.

-Is Ethos male or female?
We have received conflicting reports. Riddlethos.com will bring you breaking updates on this phenomenon as they become available.

-Does Riddles possess a human soul?

-Is Lameish actually Lame?

-Do you like giraffes?
Absolutely, although I can hardly believe this question was frequently asked. Perhaps one person frequently asked it. And perhaps that one person was Ethos.