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by Ethos

Mr. Sunshine Premieres Tonight

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Yeah this has been a great week of handheld gaming, blah blah. But I’m a whore and my Modern Family reviews really bring in the hits for our site, and I like talking about TV, so it’s here to stay; no matter how irregular (that’s what she said?)

Not to be misleading because this isn’t about Modern Family (although the show has been good as of late). If you remember a list I made back in August, I mentioned that I had my eye on Mr. Sunshine, Matthew Perry’s new single camera comedy.

The promos don’t have me sold either way, so I’m looking forward to judging for myself tonight. It’s on at 9pm EST on ABC or CTV depending if you’re in Canada or the States. If you’re elsewhere, then I have no idea!

Also, if you didn’t see the Dungeons & Dragons episode of Community last Thursday, then you’re not a real nerd.

Edit: Turns out that Canada gets it two days before the states, so you suckers south of me will have to wait until Wednesday. 8pm EST on CTV Mondays, 9:30 EST on ABC Wednesdays.