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by Ethos

Biggest Letdown 2010 – Ethos

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII

How can I follow up Riddles’ hilarious post with the same pick? While I think he’s completely wrong about the battle system, he’s bang-on with everything else.

I was extremely excited for Final Fantasy XIII. I thought the world looked beautiful, I loved the idea of a badass female lead, and because I’m a really big fan of Final Fantasy XII I couldn’t imagine the game could be bad.

Boy was I wrong. The game is almost less of a game than Heavy Rain. And that’s saying something. In fact, before the credits roll, the title is less of a game. No decisions matter. The leveling up system is pointless, the upgrading system is worse, and progressing forward is quite literally a tunnel. We’re not joking when we make the comparison.

The fact that Final Fantasy XIII becomes a fun game after the final boss, and as such the back-end leveling and upgrading systems start to make a difference and actually become great systems really makes little difference.

The point is that this was supposed to be a worthy entry into the esteemed series, a HD JRPG that I could really dive into. FFXII had my hopes high, and XIII tore them to pieces. Granted, it took me a while, I was in denial for a bit. But a 60 hour price to get to a good game is too much.

If you had asked me a year ago if I’d ever sell Final Fantasy XIII, I’d say “hell no”. But I sold it and I have no regrets. Vs XIII will have to do a lot to regain any sort of trust in the series.

Runner up: Epic Mickey

When last year’s runner up in this category earned a “N/A” from me, it’s a little depressing that I was deciding between 3 titles for this year’s second biggest letdown.

Still, life must go on and while Guardian Signs was a step backwards from Shadow of Almia, and Heavy Rain turned out to not be a game, the fact is that my hype was never huge for those titles. Epic Mickey had me pretty excited. I wasn’t expecting the controls and camera to be top-notch, but I also wasn’t expecting them to practically ruin the experience. The game could have been truly excellent. Unfortunately, the technical flops squashed this possibility.

Seriously, this could have been a true Game of the Year contender. Instead, it’s a decent game. There’s nothing wrong with the content, but the sad fact is that if you can’t properly play or view an excellent game, it is no longer an excellent game.

It’s truly a shame, but it’s the truth. This was definitely a year for loving more games and different games than I expected, and for being let down by hype and previous standbys.

Except Super Mario Galaxy 2. That was a standby and exceeded my hype.

Sunday Soapbox: Pointing the Camera at the Floor

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

I’ve played more Epic Mickey. More than doubled my playtime, actually. And while this has allowed me to visit incredibly interesting and detailed worlds, partake in more sidequests, and witness more interesting examples of Warren’s “play style matters”, it also confirms what I’ve been reading since the beginning.

The camera truly sucks.

It’s not broken, but it’s frantic, frustrating, unhelpful, and more unfortunately: anti-cinematic. The reason I list that as the most unfortunate point is because it wasn’t until I was a few hours in that I noticed that Epic Mickey is incredibly cool-looking.

Unlike Uncharted – which pushes you to admire the landscapes so much that it even keeps a stat for it – playing Epic Mickey is akin to walking through the beautiful forests of New Zealand while looking straight down. You’ll be able to see where you’re going, but you’ll be so concentrated on making sure you’re not tripping over some Hobbit and landing straight onto the Nazgûl, that you won’t be able to appreciate the beauty around you.

It’s truly a shame. Epic Mickey has some really cool gameplay, a progressively interesting story with potential for real depth, and truly inspired environments. However, packaged with a loose control scheme, something as simple as the camera can distract from all that is good.

In almost every interview, Warren Spector would mention that the camera was giving him the biggest challenge. After all, Epic Mickey is the first full 3rd person game he’s ever made. Unfortunately, his full attention to the issue changed nothing.

Gaming is unique in this sense. While technical issues can plague a film set, technology and art doesn’t have to meld together in the same way it does for a video game. Interactivity and variables need to be accounted for with code and math for a player to appreciate good writing, deep gameplay, and inspired art.

Again, I’m not drawing a giant point with this Soapbox, but rather a whimsical “hmm” as I think about how interesting and – in this case – disappointing it is that technology collides with art in such an inseparable manner with my favourite medium.

Oh, but there IS a lock-on mechanic, despite what some major sites are telling you.

Epic Mickey: The First Few Hours (or so)

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Haven't run into Goofy yet

I got and played the game last night. Haven’t been as productive tonight, so I thought I would at least write about it.

Epic Mickey is, so far, living up to everything I’ve read about it. Admittedly, I haven’t read that much, but the general opinion seems to be that the story, mood, characters, and music are spectacular, the visuals are good, but the cut scenes are lacking and the controls and camera stink.

This is largely where I stand too. I’m not that far in, so there’s not much that I haven’t seen already on the internet or during my extended preview session about a month ago. Therefore, I don’t have a properly formulated opinion on the story or characters. The opening scene is awesome, and I’m really digging the dilapidated feel of Wasteland. Also, I get the feeling that I’m being groomed to be able to take on a bunch of sidequests, which I’m really hoping for; the beginning has been disappointingly straight-forward.

In terms of the cutscenes, I agree that they feel a little under-produced. Mickey is voiced in Kingdom Hearts, but Epic Mickey only gives him Zelda-esque yelps and exclamations as punctuation. No full voice-work from Mickey or anyone else so far. And from what I read, that’s the case for the rest of the title.

Still, there is the occasional stylized 2D cutscene, and they at least look fabulous. Also, I’m having a blast playing around with Mickey’s animation. There was a point near the beginning of my experience that I strangely realized that I was playing a game with Mickey Mouse. I know it should be obvious, but it was a stark realization, and I was able to appreciate his outfit, his mix-matched design, and his cartoon-clichéd tiptoeing if I only tilted the analog stick a little.

The controls and camera, however, are pretty flawed. I’m a master at fiddling with shitty cameras, and contorting my hands into bizarre positions to accommodate, but it’s not something I should have to do. Also, Mickey feels really loose. He’s really slippery, which I suppose is a byproduct of him being partly made out of ink, but it would have been more effective if they just stuck with the cool dripping effect and didn’t make controlling the main character an occasional chore.

Also, the game is in SD and I don't get trophies

But back to the good, and that’s the choice factor. I was worried about the paint/thinner thing being way too black and white of a gameplay mechanic. And while it kinda is in some ways – each decision is technically binary – I often feel torn in how I want to play. That’s saying a lot for me, the guy who generally always wants to be the good guy. I often find myself rethinking a decision whether it’s “good” or “bad” and then wondering if those terms even really apply in such a bizarre world.

But don’t let me deceive you, a lot of this depth is just projected right now in the way I’m reacting to it. I haven’t yet come across any major effects from my style of play. And maybe – if the team did a good enough job – I won’t even notice unless I happen to play through again.

The point is that the “evil” path in Epic Mickey is far more appealing because it’s more mischievous than evil, and that sort of Mickey almost fits better in this world. A Mickey that causes trouble with his curiosity and that people react to with a mix of fear and respect.

But I’m getting way ahead of myself. I’ll hopefully play a bunch more and give you more impressions from a more experienced perspective.

Welcome to Epic Mickey Week

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

The game is out!

I know this because Gamestop called me last night to remind me of my pre-order.

Also, apparently, the internet has this sort of information.

Anyway, this unfortunately is not a title that I secretly got early to surprise you all with a day one review, despite my interview with Warren Spector.

But luckily that means that I can provide impressions throughout the week about my experience!

I’m a little antsy to play more Sly and to dive into my PS3 version of Fallout 3, but that’s what the Christmas break is for. Playing games nonstop. Last year I wasted it on Dragon Quest VIII. But was it a waste? WAS IT?!?!

Anyway, I’ve gone on for about two paragraphs too long. Look forward to impressions at some point. Expect me to complain that I’m not getting trophies and that it’s not in HD.

Scatter Storming. Issue #041

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Once again, it’s been a busy week for me and games, so I’m not going to bore you with three paragraph non-introductions like Riddles did with his Hey! Look! Listen!, but will – once again – dive right in.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer Beta

Because of my previously discussed subscription to Playstation Plus, I got exclusive access to the multiplayer beta for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. I had no idea what it was about, so let me give you the run down if you are in the same boat I was.

In the only mode that I was aware of, the point isn’t an all out brawl, or even team-based objectives, but rather to carry out the simple task of taking out your target before you yourself are assassinated. You get more points for more subtle assassinations, and these points fill an experience bar which have become popular in hooking in online communities. I leveled up once, so I was able to note that new abilities do get unlocked by gaining levels, and that you’re even allowed to construct a loadout. That gives me the impression that there will be the opportunity for customization later on, because that wasn’t an option during my experience. Granted, I only played one 10 minute game, but whatever.

More than anything, I appreciated that the multiplayer was undoubtedly different than anything else out there. It felt very “Assassin’s Creed” in that it was solitary and focused on stealth, quick reflexes, and badass assassinations. Killing my targets seemed to have layers of depth. There are only about 6 or 7 different character models for players to choose from, and there are only those 6 or 7 models roaming the map, so you have to find your target amidst many like faces. There is a radar that lets you know in which direction your target is and also how close she is. And because there is no way of knowing who is after you – as far as I could tell – you can literally walk right up to your target like a harmless NPC before shoving a hidden blade into their throat.

This is very satisfying as an assassin. However, as a target, I have no idea who is on my ass. I do not know how to hide from my stalker. Blending into the crowd helps me with my target, but doesn’t make me any less vulnerable from the person trying to end me as fast as possible. After gaining a level and gaining my first ability, I was able to briefly take on the form of another character model and then wait for a 60 second cooldown before using it again. So defensively, I had a very frustrating time. As far as I could tell, you were only awarded points for assassinating your target, so I don’t think I would be rewarded for discovering my assailant and slitting her throat.

But who knows? Maybe I would be. The tutorial didn’t tell me so, but it’s definitely possible and would absolutely make the game more interesting. I’m also aware that I barely scratched the surface of the unlockable abilities. But still, I consider that to be a little broken if you have to play the game for hours before even being allowed to play properly. Just like the stinger missile isn’t unlocked until something like level 30 in Modern Warfare 2. What a bunch of broken horseshit.

Met the concept artist. Young, very talented dude.

Epic Mickey Impressions

I have to admit, I barely remember my Warren Spector interview. I was in a conference room with an unbelievable view of the Toronto skyline performing my first legitimate interview with a respected member of the gaming development community. I remember that at one point he had his hands on his head like Mickey ears and said something to the effect of “oh god, am I actually doing this on camera right now?” I also remember admitting to have never played Deus Ex followed by Warren dramatically and jokingly telling me to leave the room. I hope I didn’t come across like a total idiot, but in any case, he was engaging and professional.

My point, believe it or not, is that I didn’t get a chance to actually play Epic Mickey at that interview, but instead went to a small event later that night to get a hands on. That is also when I got the signed poster and DS picture with Warren – I couldn’t do that on the clock! So my SUPER point is that I should talk about my impressions of the game.

My relationship with Epic Mickey has been an interesting one. I’ve been on and off the game in terms of my hype for it. Lately, I had been looking forward to it, but not totally buying the “paint or thinner” choices in the game. It seemed like a masked morality system. And while it sorta is, I was surprised by my strong compulsions to use either paint or thinner in certain situations. I play paragon in Mass Effect, and was a nice guy in Fallout 3 and Infamous, so I expected to use paint over thinner in Epic Mickey. This was not the case. Not only does thinner make platforming more difficult (and therefore more rewarding), but I just found it more interesting. I was shocked at my reaction when I befriended an enemy by painting him and then reduced him to a puddle of ink with thinner immediately after. I felt like an asshole, but not necessarily like a bad guy. The world of Epic Mickey is so twisted and weird, that all of these choices fit without appearing to be black or white.

I tried both the 3D combat sections, and the 2D platforming sections and visually, I was very impressed. The game oozes not only style, but variety. After only experiencing Disney gaming in Kingdom Hearts, it was refreshing to explore the unused and forgotten side of familiar worlds.

I must admit, however, after a lot of Mario Galaxy 2 with my increasingly skilled girlfriend, Epic Mickey’s polish felt a little off. I was reminded often by the Disney dude and Warren himself that I was playing an early build of the game, but I imagine that there will be moments in the finished copy when I will shout “I made that jump!” or just be generally a little frustrated that not every platformer controls like Mario.

All in all, I walked away genuinely more impressed than perhaps I expected, and the game is now my most anticipated of the holiday season. That’s the first time I can say that for a Wii title since 2006.

Sonic 4

This is more 2D Sonic. Not like the Sonic Rush DS games; although those were great. This is Sonic as you used to know with all the ups and downs. It’s not as fast as you remember, but then again, neither are the originals. There are still multiple paths, and things still pop up at you at the last second. Although with the addition of that semi-lock-on zoom-bash move (that’s the official name) from the 3D games, it makes those moments a little easier to handle. That’s really all I got for this one. Just a little juxtaposition for you.

Way better than FFXIII

The 4 Heroes of Light

This game is awesome. Pure old school without having to fight with graphics or interface. I mean, I’m still a little annoyed at the item management and the menu layout, but it’s no Final Fantasy 1. It’s great because it’s a reminder of how games used to let you figure out the story. There are no exposition-packed cutscenes nor lengthy tutorials. In fact, there are no tutorials.

Nope, you have to pay attention and talk to as many people as it takes to figure out what to do next, how to work the game, and get a general feel for the mood and culture in each town. It’s quite refreshing and while I expected to enjoy the game, I’m actually really fucking into it. It’s made me drop Birth by Sleep and Pokémon Ranger, and I love those games. I need to finish Birth by Sleep soon too before Abe80 takes his PSP back. He’s been very patient.

Sad News

Sure, maybe this should go in a news feature, but Riddles decided to post his HLL on a Wednesday, and that makes me less inclined to write a TTKL. Is that just a really shitty way to conceal laziness? Maybe, but it’s true. Anyway, the sad news is that the really promising Pirates of Caribbean: Armada of the Damned action RPG has been cancelled. That’s it really. I was looking forward to it. Seriously. Click the tag. (IGN)

No more! I’ve written enough!


My Day

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Today I interviewed Warren Spector for 20 minutes, played Epic Mickey for close to 45 minutes, then got a signed poster and picture with the man. Solid day, I’d say.

I’ll try to get a transcription for the interview as soon as possible and edit it down for you guys acasap. Until then, I’m going to try to download Sonic 4 tonight (finances permitting), I hear that Lameish is playing Enslaved, and Riddles is going to pick up Kirby much later in the week. I mean, so am I, but I’m just surprised that Riddles is as well. What’s happening to our cold-hearted co-leader?

I also hear that Riddles might try to play Enslaved, but that sounds even less likely based on his also-broke status. Anyway, here’s me and Warren.

Hey! Look! Listen!

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010


Hello, and welcome to this Fuck You edition of Hey! Look! Listen!

Confused? Well, let me explain: a Fuck You edition is a rare phenomenon that occurs when two specific (and entirely unrelated) events take place in the same window of time:

1. A game as addictive as Mass Effect 2 is released.

2. The gaming industry fails to generate sufficient topics of interest.

Why the FUCK should I care that Nintendo’s luddite president said “no, thank you” to Natal technology some years ago?

And seriously, who gives a shit if Fable III will be shown off at the X10 event in San Francisco next month? (Other than Shawn Cooper, of course.)

And finally, why is everyone freaking out about Mass Effect 2’s Cerberus Network being down? Do you REALLY need that little piece of DLC to enjoy the game? The answer is no, no you do not – I know, because I’ve already played five hours without it.

Now, on the other hand, The New Yorker’s “Modern Mickey” article – in which they poke fun at the upcoming Epic Mickey game for the Wii – is well worth reading. I wouldn’t really call it “news,” but it’s the only thing that caught my eye today. So, generous chap that I am, allow me to provide you with this link. Read it and laugh.

Alternatively, you could just chuckle softly. I’m pretty sure that’s what I did.

And that, my friends, was a Fuck You edition of Hey! Look! Listen! In a final act of fuck-you-ness, I’m off to buy a pizza and play ridiculous amounts of Mass Effect 2. LATERS!

Hey! Look! Listen!

Thursday, October 29th, 2009


Hello, and welcome to Riddlethos.com. More specifically, welcome to the Thursday edition of Hey! Look! Listen!, the prized centerpiece of our site.

Okay, that might be a BIT cocky on my part, but it’s my column (and my site, too) so I can say whatever I want. Quite a liberating feeling, in all honesty.

By the time you’re reading this, I doubt it will be Thursday, but you know better than to expect timeliness anyway. Curse the necessity of working for one’s living.

Onward and forward!

Announcement of Final Fantasy XIII North American Release Date Coming Soon

This almost seems too… easy? I dunno. It’s not a leaked document or a sketchy rumor, it’s simply a casting call from Los Angeles based ad agency. They’re looking for someone to read a script during a “never bef0re seen” look at Final Fantasy XIII, and according to the slide, during this exclusive look, the release date will be announced. Don’t believe me? Look down.


For posterity, I’ll make the same obvious observation that every other site has made: if this is going to be a “never-before seen” look, then it will LIKELY take place BEFORE the Japanese release of the game, which is December 17. Why? Because as soon as the game is out in Japan, every last second of it will be documented on YouTube.

HAHAHAHA: Nintendo Finally Sees a Decline in Profitsnintendo_logo


Sorry. Um…


Erm. So sorry. Anyway. Everyone’s favorite Nintendo is reporting, for the first time in six years, a decline in profits. For the six months ending September 2009, they reported a 34.5 percent drop in net sales compared to the same period last year, and a 53.4 percent drop in net income.

The number of actual Wiis sold during that six months amounted to 5.75 million –  a 10.1 million decrease from the same period last year.

Nintendo’s reasoning for this decline? Get ready, it’s pretty rich: “appreciation of the yen and the price cut on ‘Wii’ hardware.”

…price cut? Um. Are they possibly talking about the price cut that was enacted, y’know, a MONTH ago?

They never, ever cease to amaze.

mw2Modern Warfare 2 Will Feature Skippable Scenes of Brutality

You’ve all seen the airport massacre scene from the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. (If you haven’t, refer to the previous HLL.) Pretty brutal stuff, eh? Well, apparently there’s more where that came from. In a statement to Kotaku, Activision stated that many scenes in Modern Warfare 2 are designed to “evoke the atrocities of terrorism.” Makes sense, seeing as it’s a game about, y’know, Modern Warfare.

However, if you find the massacre of innocents at an airport (by terrorists, mind you!) just a little too distasteful, you can choose to skip it altogether. From the statement:

“At the beginning of the game, players encounter a mandatory “checkpoint” in which they are warned that an upcoming segment may contain disturbing elements and they can choose not to engage in the gameplay that involves this scene.”

Hrm. Well, I’ll refrain from comment until we tackle this NEXT story.

Modern Warfare 2 Could be Banned in Australia

SPEAKING of that oh-so-brutal, entirely skippable airport scene, word of it has reached our friends in Australia, and they aren’t happy. The Sydeny Morning Herald has a headline that says: “Outrage as Terrorist Game Lets Players Massacre Civilians.”

Hooo, boy.

The Australian Council on Children and the Media is calling to have the game’s MA15+ rating re-considered. This, of course, would effectively ban it from the country, because there’s no higher rating to give it. Jane Roberts, the apparent spokesperson for this organisation, had this to say:

“The consequences of terrorism are just abhorrent in our community and yet here we are with a product that’s meant to be passed off as a leisure time activity, actually promoting what most world leaders speak out publicly against,” said Roberts, who is also the principal policy officer in Western Australia’s Department of Premier and Cabinet.

“We understand that it’s a game but … we’re not far off when you look at the images that you could actually put it on a Channel Nine news report and you’d think maybe that is real.

“If that material was on the internet about how to become a terrorist, how to join a group and how to wipe out people – that would be removed because it would not be acceptable.”

Yes, I had to include ALL of that, because it’s all… so… stupid. It’s SO stupid, in fact, that I’m not even going to waste time explaining to you why it’s stupid. Instead, I will simply say this: Modern Warfare 2 is a piece of interactive (note INTERACTIVE) fiction that tells a story about (you guessed it) Modern Warfare. A film would show a pre-recorded segment of terrorists gunning down civilians and nobody would bat an eye.

Although I must once again note: I HIGHLY doubt that Activision finds this excess media attention undesirable.

First Epic Mickey Screens Revealed.

After weeks of staring at gorgeous concept art, I was almost afraid to see what Epic Mickey would actually look like as a game. However, now that the moment of truth has finally arrived, I admit to being pleasantly surprised. There’s a touch of Kingdom Hearts here to be sure, but by and large, this is Disney magic in a way we’ve never seen it before. Anticipation = through the roof. My favorite screen is below; check ‘em all out on 1UP


Hugh Jackman to Play Nathan Drake?drake

Let it be clear that I do NOT want to see Uncharted turned into a movie. It’s a game that delivers an experience that only a game could deliver, and to see it converted to a modern-day Indiana Jones ripoff would hurt my heart.

Regardless, this is pretty interesting. Nolan North, voice actor for the infamous Nathan Drake, spoke a little about the Uncharted movie on PlayStation Magazine UK’s podcast:

“Jackman is who I’d like to see. I think the producers would like to see Jackman too, because he has that tough guy exterior, but [...] there’s also a lot going on behind his eyes. A lot of emotion and sensitivity on that brusque exterior, and he has great comic timing. He’s a phenomenal actor. I just hope I get a part on the movie so I can work with Hugh.”

The only way I could possibly, POSSIBLY get behind an Uncharted movie is if North himself played the titular role of Drake. However, Hollywood being what it is, I know that will never happen.

Alright, enough is enough. That was monstrous. In case you care, (because I certainly don’t) Nintendo has announced yet another DSi with a screen that’s 93% bigger. So, all you “size matters” people can rejoice. The rest of us, I’m sure, will be perfectly content in not giving two shits. One shit, even.

Goodnight, folks. It’s been fun.

Hey! Look! Listen!

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

THIS is how much I love you people. I could be glued to Uncharted 2 right now, but instead, I’m bringing you the latest and greatest industry news in the form of Hey! Look! Listen!

Luckily, I happen to love writing these things.

Who am I? I’m your host Oliver “Riddles” Motok, everyone, and I’m finally driving with up-to-date tags. Sure, I got pulled over and ticketed a mere two days prior, but at least I know it won’t happen again. Until next year.

On to the NEWS.

World of Warcraft Movie to be Written by Saving Private Ryan Screenwriter
You may have noticed that I don’t often give MMORPGs the time of day in HLL. This is probably because I tend to despise them. Why, then, would I give a damn about a World of Warcraft movie? Well, frankly, it’s hard not to, given the names attached to the project.  You all know that Sam Raimi (of Spider-Man and Evil Dead fame) has been given the director’s chair, which is reason enough to raise an eyebrow.  Recently, speaking with MTV Multiplayer about the film, Raimi revealed that Robert Rodat, of Saving Private Ryan and The Patriot fame, will be writing the screenplay.

Color me intrigued. I’ve (shamefully) never seen all of Saving Private Ryan, but I did enjoy The Patriot quite a bit. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they chose a screenwriter familiar with war films. Check out Raimi’s full interview with MTV Multiplayer here.

Resistance 3 Teased… Kinda

Wait, didn’t the second game just come out? Oh wow, I guess that WAS a year ago now. In any case, Sony is wasting no time stirring up the Resistance 3 hype. An erstwhile NeoGAF member with a camera managed to score this photo:

Oh, you tease...

What you’re looking at is a film set for Battle: Los Angeles. I’d never heard of it before, but a quick trip to IMDB informed me that it’s a sci-fi action film starring Aaron Eckhart, in which marines fight against alien invaders. As… intriguingly original as that sounds, and as much as I love Aaron Eckhart, I’m going to go ahead and give the film an “avoid like the plague” stamp.

But anyway, if you haven’t connected the dots yet, it’s clear that this is an example of clever cross-medium advertising. It’s worth noting that the “A” in “Resistance” depicts the Statue of Liberty, meaning the game will likely be set in New York. Battle: Los Angeles is set for release on February 18, 2011, so logic suggests we’ll see Resistance 3 within a similar timeframe. Odd that it would take three years, seeing as how Resistance 2 shipped only two years after the original. Of course, you also have to recall that NONE of this is official. (GameSpot).

Oh Look, Epic Mickey Artwork

Epic Mickey concept art

My main reason for including this is I realized I’ve yet to even mention the upcoming Wii exclusive, Epic Mickey. I find the game wildly intriguing based on its concept alone, and I’ll be following its development cycle very closely. The screengrab above is a finished sketch of an enemy Beetleworx, facing off against a very determined Mickey. The grab was taken from a video on GameInformer.com, which shows a timelapse of one of the game’s artists sketching the image. Check it out if you’re into that kinda stuff. The video also happens to feature some fantastic music from the game, so take that as some additional incentive to give it a look.

WTF: If You Buy Modern Warfare 2’s Prestige Edition, You Are a Pervert
Because after all, if you put night-vision goggles in the hands of a gamer, they’re going to use them to scope out naked chicks. In the dark. On the streets. Oh yeah.

After all, it’s the closest they’ll ever get to the real thing.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then check out this “news” story on DailyStar.com. And no, I don’t think this is supposed to be serious. Though it admittedly had me going for a few minutes, never having visited Daily Star before.

Well, that’s that I suppose. Before you ask, no, I do not plan to buy Modern Warfare 2’s prestige edition. As much as I loved the original Modern Warfare (which, shamefully, I just finished yesterday) I’ll be happy to express my fandom through the purchase of a regular ‘ol $60 copy.

Thanks for reading, and tune in tomorrow for some Uncharted 2 impressions! And, as always, HLL will return this Thursday. Can you bear the anticipation?

News Roundup #008 – October 5, 2009: “Tit-Fucking Amazing”

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Fun Roundup this week! Riddles and Ethos talk the news and even dive into a bit of Riddles’ work drama!

Soak up what you can because Riddlethos is considering putting the News Roundup feature on hiatus. Let us know what you think. Do you like the Roundup? Would you be glad to see it go? Don’t care either way? Let us know in the comments below or by e-mailing feedback@riddlethos.com.

Click here to undoubtedly enjoy the Roundup!