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by Ethos

The Five Sexiest Chicks in Gaming – #5: Jessica Albert

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

To turn the world upside down, Riddles started the sexy dudes list and I’m kicking off the sexy chick list. It’s Bizarro World, yes, but we like to keep you on your toes.

Jessica Albert has big boobs, can yield a whip, and has a British accent. Do I really need to explain why she’s sexy? This curvaceous firecracker isn’t just about the looks and sounds, though. She also is sassy, strong-willed, but also has that necessary soft spot for the people she cares about. Dragon Quest VIII is not really a game I praise for characters, but Jessica definitely helps redeem the point by countering Angelo’s smarm and Yangus’ stupidity with her wit, spunk, and – of course – sexiness.

Now Jessica has a number of points against her as well. While endearing, she’s not a particularly complex character, and she also turns evil and green for a time which is decidedly not sexy. Still, she has become a sex symbol of the PS2 era and required a mention on this lowbrow list.