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Ethos and Riddles talk about video games...
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by Ethos

‘ELLO GUV’NAH! – September 25th 2009

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Here we are! Just three games, really, and you’ve heard too much about one of them before, but whatever.

DS_Starfy_PackagingMario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story -
I beat it! Lookit that! I beat a game in less than two weeks! Granted, it’s just a twenty hour game, but still! I never do that! Wow, it’s a lot of fun, and that’s probably the best final boss in any Mario RPG that I’ve played. Such a good decision to let Bowser take the lead. I hope it’s like what happened with Wario Land when that name just slowly took over the Game Boy Mario platforming franchise. Ooo! Think about Bowser and Wario in the next “Mario & Luigi” title! I’m absolutely on board. Still funny, and Fawful is still a great villain. There’s more stuff to do, so I might even keep playing after this to collect everything, but knowing me, probably not. Moving on!

PixelJunk_-_Monsters_LogoPixelJunk Monsters -
Great, another addicting game that’ll keep me up until 7am. This was on Pogo’s PS3, so I signed into my PSN account, and gave it a go. I tried it a while ago, but I didn’t remember liking it very much. I assumed that I didn’t like the castle defense genre and that this wouldn’t take up too much of my time. Whelp, nope. Like I said: 7am and goodbye way too many hours. What an addicting game. There’s not much to say about it except that it’s your standard castle defense game, but with a cute art style, and simple interface to lure you in. Of course, it’s a lot more difficult than it appears. Plus, I just suck at castle defense games. Anyway, I managed to pick up a few more trophies from my session, but it wasn’t nearly as fruitful as when I bought…

LittleBigPlanet-LogoLittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year Edition –
I budgeted myself one game for the next two weeks or so, and I thought this one was a no brainer. I needed at least one multi-player game in my very solo-oriented line-up, and I had a blast with this when I played it at a friend’s house. I knew I was going to buy it eventually, so I decided to get it before the storm came later this year. I played for a few hours, and it’s a blast! Definitely not as strong single player, but I still had lots of fun playing the story and exploring the community levels. I can definitely see it as a game that I go back to in short bursts for a very long time to come. But I guess that’s the point. Anyway, apparently trophies are ridiculously easy in that game, because I have about a billion now. I’m still nowhere close to Abe80, but every little bit helps. Especially in prep for all the PS3 action that’s going to happen this year. I’m starting to want Modern Warfare 2, now that I’ve discovered that I’m not terrible at these games. What’s happening to me? Anyway, I’ll leave you off with a Trophy Card comparison again, since I didn’t update proper on the Monday. Note: My card isn’t up to date at the time of this posting, I should have more than 11 silvers. If that’s the case below: it has updated.



Umm…are you still reading this? Get lost!!! I’ll hopefully actually write something else related to the theme soon. There’s a game I want to tear to pieces…

‘ELLO GUV’NAH! – September 18th 2009

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

I feel like it’s been ages since I posted one of these! Not just because it’s a day late, but because of all the other craziness that’s been going on. Top 5 Countdowns, Hey! Look! Listen!s, and general disarray. Not to be confused with General Disarray. But anyway, I played a lot of the same stuff with no changed opinions, but I at least have two games to talk about/expand on.

farcry2logoFar Cry 2-
I feel like I should dive just a little bit deeper into this title than just the “meh” I threw its way during the last Scatter Storming. I didn’t buy or rent this game, but it was rather lent to me from Deerwolf of The Entire Population. He lent it to me saying that he didn’t really like it at all. Not the greatest sell, I’ll admit, and it didn’t help when both abe80 and The Broken Finger said it was crap. But then the Corner Hawk passionately sang its praises so I decided I’d give it a fair shake. And while, yes, my feeling is indeed “meh”, I wouldn’t necessarily say that that’s an accurate review of the game itself. It has very intriguing mechanics and a setting not seen in many of the games that I’ve played. The reason I’m going to stop playing however, is because it really seems like the game takes quite an investment to enjoy. Now let me get something straight, I don’t mind making a huge investment if I get hooked, but I’d rather not make a huge investment to potentially GET hooked. Not when I have so many games on my plate, anyway. So sorry, Far Cry 2, you might not suck, but I’m never going to find out.

DS_Mario_PackagingMario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story
I already talked about this game a fair bit in the last Scatter Storming, but this is easily the game I’ve been playing the most, so it required a mention. Craig of IGN mentioned this in his Video Review, but I agree that this game proves that Bowser needs his own title. You play as him at least half the time, and it’s a surprising blast to play. He adds more than enough new stuff to the mix to make Mario and Luigi’s antics in battle not stale yet. Since the story and gameplay switches are so well paced, I’ve sunk 12 hours into the game since I bought it, and about 10 of those hours were in the first three days. It’s addicting, fun, absolutely hilarious, and refreshingly not super-easy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not very difficult, but at least it’s based on skill in battle as landing critical hits and mastering counter-attacks literally make all the difference. My friend who had played the older Mario & Luigi games tried out a boss battle without playing any of this title. She died very quickly because she wasn’t familiar with the new moves. When I tried it after she failed, I took out the relatively easy boss no problem. So it is nice to see that getting to know the battle system pays off.

That’s it kiddos! Unless I include that The Beatles Rock Band is pretty disappointing. And this is coming from a major Beatles fan. Anyway, the #1 couples from the hit and miss lists are coming later tonight, keep your eyes peeled!

Scatter Storming. Issue #002

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

ss002You hoped and you prayed that this wouldn’t come, but here it is. The second issue of Scatter Storming just days from the first. I’ve got a lot to say and not much time before I have to go collect my laundry, so let’s get to it!

GUFFAW! Mario & Luigi rocks –
It’s true! Not only is the game consistently hilarious, but it also contains the best game mechanics out of the series, hands down. Bowser is a blast to control, and it’s a refreshing change of style to the rinse and repeat Mario and Luigi moves. Of course, Mario and Luigi are still there, but they have new moves as well as the old ones, and this battle system feels the most involved. More things going on, more clever ways to predict enemy attacks, and higher stakes for getting critical hits and nailing counter-attacks. The RPG elements are still relatively simple, but are still more involved than those seen in the Paper Mario series. And I haven’t even mentioned the massive battles when you hold the DS sideways and pit an overgrown Bowser against equally huge enemies. But back to the main point: the humour. Seriously, this game is so off the wall at the back of left field, I can’t help but love it. The game makes fun of Wii Fit, it makes inside nerd references like “A winner is you”, it has running gags, and overall it is – like I said earlier – consistently hilarious. I’ve sunk 7 hours into it already. More on this on Friday!

GUH? A random PS3 button issue –
I never mentioned this earlier, but when Riddles made his picture post, he talked about the Slim power and eject buttons being better because he could never tell when he was pressing the buttons on the old fatty. I found this odd because I never had an issue using my friend Pogo’s fatty PS3. So I decided to pay attention to the next time I was over at his house. Sure enough, it was no problem, and sure enough, it’s because they’re not buttons at all. They’re heat sensitive. I just place my finger on the “button” for a short time with no pressure, and it does what I wish. Silly Riddles.

BAD VOICE ACTING’D! I like Valkyria Chronicles -
I went in a little skeptical, but I really like the beginning. Granted, I just beat the prologue, so I know I’ve barely tasted the title, but the style is cool, the story is interesting, the battle system is intriguing and the voice acting is complete shit. The dialogue isn’t so hot either, but I can’t help but be interested because of the premise, mood, style, and fantastic music. I know Riddles adores the game, but I forget if he likes the voice acting or not. So I may or may not get huge backlash for this! I’m giddy and nervous!

UPDATE! Abe80 Vs. EthoStar -

Loses to

But I don’t quite have to play The Bouncer yet!
Post your cards below, readers, and I’ll see the best way to involve you guys. Maybe highlight one of you with each weekly update!

MEH! Far Cry 2 -

THAT’S IT FOLKS! Laundry’s done. Oh, and keep in mind that both Abe80 and I have auto-updating cards, so if you check this post later, the scores will have updated. At the official checkpoint time, Abe80 was in the lead, but not quite at 45 000.
Umm…until later tonight, suck it!


Monday, September 14th, 2009

It’s Romance Week, but I’ll get to that later today…

Okay…well…not get yet…
But that’s why I’m leaving now, bye!

Scatter Storming. Issue #001

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

ss001Damn straight, kidlets! I’ve decided to launch a new mini-feature out of the blue! There’s no release schedule for it yet, and that’s kinda the point. Because I have so many scattered thoughts, and I don’t really have enough to say about any one thing, I’m going to just spout out whatever comes to mind about a topic and move on. It’s like scatter-brained brain-storming. Scatter Storming. GET IT?!
Now I’m going to order a pizza, so let’s do that and see how much I can write before it comes.

POW! I’m Still on the Fence About Resistance 2! -
Seriously. I can’t make up my mind. On one hand there are REALLY FUCKING STUPID parts when the game becomes trial and error and you have to die over and over until you memorize when the stupid invisible dumbasses are going to leap out at you, or where the goddamned grenade launcher is so that you can beat one of those giant ugly-ass mother fuckers because it turns out that’s the only way you can do it. GOD FORBID I use the game’s mechanics to cleverly find an alternate way to beat an enemy. Can you tell I get pissed just thinking about it? I start to swear like a cunt and type incoherent run-on sentences. But just when I think I’m about to write off the game, I get a bunch of amazing weapons, I defend myself against a horde of zombies with my bare hands (yes, I was scared shitless), I shoot through walls onto unsuspecting soon-to-be-dead saps, and I make a mad dash out of an exploding spacecraft. Gah, I don’t know how I feel. But I do know that all the trophies I got from it aren’t enough to catch me up to Abe80. His recent defeat of Batman took him too far.

WACK! The Last Guy Isn’t as Great as Greg Miller Says! -
Seriously. I mean. It’s cool and all. It’s got a wacky sense of humour, and it’s fun, but Greggy hyped it up so much that I can’t help but feel disappointed. It also gets hard fast…and I can’t always tell what’s going on. I don’t think the controls are perfect either. If I reviewed things with scores and numbers and things, it definitely wouldn’t receive the 9/10 that Greg gave it. Maybe I’ll go back to it, but I doubt it.

WOOSH! PSN Things -
I have some of you on PSN, and that’s wonderful. Feel free to add me (ethostar)! But don’t be offended if I don’t reply to messages. I don’t have a USB Keyboard yet, and typing out using the DualShock is far less than optimal. But once I get one of the keyboard badboys hooked up, you can bet I won’t be as silent.

GIGGLE! DS Games -
Yup! Mario & Luigi and Kingdom Hearts: Dumb Name! I’m hyped! Mario & Luigi tomorrow, actually. Goodbye Suikoden! *sigh*…I’ll miss you…

SLUG! Still Looking For Artists! –
Yup. You wanna draw for us? Please let me know, or else I’m going to have to continue making the banners sometimes, and that’s just not right. Especially for your eyes.

CHOMP! Pizza!! -
It’s here!